Poll Question 081 – Would you like to hear Gordon Freeman speak in Episode 3?

3rd May 2008

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I have a feeling that the answer to this week’s poll question will be the most one-sided ever. However, I have been wrong before, and I am sure I will be again.

Would you like to hear Gordon Freeman speak in Episode 3?”

Are You Kidding Me?

Personally I can’t believe that Valve will ever d0o this but you never know. I suspect that if they ever did it would be a one word finish. The whole series would finish with his utterance.

I don’t mean that it would fail because he spoke but Valve know for sure when they plan to finish the series and this would be the last act. It might be fund to speculate exactly what he would say.

No Way, Never, Ever, Never!

I see no reason to ever get him to speak do you? What benefit would it bring. Of course there is the publicity it would generate, that in itself might be worth it, although I doubt it.

What about you?

The Poll


  1. Aniline

    Maybe in a spoof mod where, in an effeminate voice, he says, “oo-those trousers are crushing my creativity”.
    Otherwise..no, please, never.

  2. firba1

    No. Plus it’s always been a sort of running joke that Gordon never talks. If he started talking now… that would just be wrong.

    That’s really the only reason I’m worried about a HL movie. It would just be stupid to have a mute Gordon then, so I don’t know how they could do it.

  3. Zaphod

    No. Gordon shall never talk. I guess he can’t hear either after being so near so many explosions (I mean exploding granades, boxes, barrels and buildings, everything seems to explode when Gordon is around).

  4. Berrie

    Well it would be a bit weird to have him speak now. But it gets to me at times when people talk to him (not at) and he just doesn’t say anything. It seems so cold and compared to the other characters who seem so human and warm.
    So if they did it well I wouldn’t mean.
    But at this point it seems a little late and I doubt Valve would come back on their decision, regarding Gordon, now.

  5. Zaphod

    When I think about it, I usually imagening it is me the people in the game are talking to and not som other guy named Gordon. So for me it would not make sense in Gordon talked. If Gordon feels cold because he does not speak, just speak for him.

  6. Jimbo


    YOU are Gordon Freeman! By giving him a voice, Valve would kill the character you’ve built him up to be, and then Valve would go out of business within an hour upon releasing Episode 3 due to their mistake. Simple as that.

  7. 4lyx

    YOU are Gordon Freeman!


    I would not feel as immersed into the Half-Life series if someone suddenly started plucking at my vocal chords. Gordon’s silence leaves my imgination to wander about. Would totally ruin it for me if they changed it.

  8. Fenris

    Gordon doesn’t talk, and yet Half-Life is an excellent game with an evocative story. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

  9. zellock

    Gordon doesn’t talk, and yet Half-Life is an excellent game with an evocative story. don’t fix what ain’t broke.


  10. Homeslice72

    Yeah, no, forget it LOL he don’t need a voice just GUNS! Plus it would pull me out of that imaginary “I am Gordon Freeman” mode.

  11. I am so surprised that over 30% of the voters want to hear his voice.

    I think it would be kinda fun for the very last scene of the Half-Life series for Gordon Freeman to Kill the Gman but just before he dies he explains everything to him and then for Alyx to express her undying love for Gordon.

    After she finishes she pauses and just as Gordon starts to speak there is an explosion and the scene fades to black.

  12. Daniel

    Intriguing idea. That way there would be integrity of structure across the three episodes and give a purpose, in addition to immersion, for not including Gordon’s voice until a final cutscene.

  13. Mel

    Phillip, it’s “Half-Life” not “East Enders’

  14. Mman

    I chose no, but without the “it would ruin the game” hyperbole, I think Gordon’s muteness has been pretty ill-fitting in HL2 (with all the interaction the other characters have compared to you it feels like you are just a mobile super-turret at times) and would actually be pretty interested in him gaining a voice, but I think Valve have already established it too much now and changing it would be pretty odd (plus there’s still the chance it has some bearing on the storyline anyway).

  15. True, maybe it needs a little over the top drama though.

  16. Memobot

    That does sound like a lot of ideas in one though phillip. Valve could make another 6 games with that at the rate of what they’re reavealing in the series so far.

  17. Ol" Scratch


    And, he should have my *Dad’s* voice!!


    ‘Cuz… he looks just like him, especially when he had a beard. 😎

    And, yeah, it was a cool shock to see my own DAD on a video game… and he’s been dead for 38 years. 🙁

  18. Count_de_Monet

    It’s not that simple (pardon my french). First, as some already said, WE are GF in the game. I already have a voice. Then, even the ultimate perfect voice will end up totally unbearable in the long run, just because it won’t evolve, until GF gets old, Alzheimerizes and goes muttering about those darn alien southern pansies and such.

    On the other hand, it could be a wonderful idea for a theme mod, rather on the spoof side. Modders can do it any style : rapper (say what yo m**f**er?) Duke nukem (eh, eh, I’m good), Clint “Dirty harry” Eastwood (make my day), James Brown (onemoretime, I’ll givit to U, wumph, twotimes , wumph, wumph…). Plenty of those….

    Top notch would be that Alyx may also “chirp” in at leisure : Rocky Horror picture (any character, although I’d go for the Master and Magenta : come up to the lab…), Bogey and Bacall (just whistle…) and GWB and Condi (Who is the masked guy in the grey suit? HU, shoot him. Who shoot Who? Yes … I’m telling you, Hu is the name…..)

    Say Phillip, why don’t you launch a contest for the best voice mod idea (with samples) ? Then Leon Brinckmann can add a sound track to his gorgeous maps.

  19. Hoyy

    For me, I would like to hear him talking. I don’t trust in spoiling, since episode 3 will close the series, might aswell find someone to dub Gordon epically. People generally complain that he is not one of the best heroes, and even a card board has more personality than a character that doesn’t speak a single shit.

  20. Drew

    Personally, I like this thought very much: “I suspect that if they ever did it would be a one word finish. The whole series would finish with his utterance.” To me that would be a perfect ending to the series.

  21. SMB

    No, never, because I AM Gordon Freeman as far as I’m concerned. Gordon is a blank slate that I can ascribe any personality to. It’s part of what makes me keep coming back; to see exactly how I want to him to react in the given situations, and to see what kind of person I want him to be. I just have to pretend that he’s mute, is all.

  22. No. Gordon Freeman should not speak.

    No more needs said on this matter.

  23. Troy S

    No Gordon should not speak, by all we know Gordon may not be able to speak do to an effect The Resonance Cascade my have had on his body.

    They could always use that as an excuse of why gordon dosent speak throughout the half life story if they ever deicde to make a Movie.

  24. Yes but I don’t trust them to find the right voice actor..a deep slightly Aussie perhaps. A voice that you wouldn’t expect to come out of Freeman.

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