Poll Question 005 – What type of weapon do you prefer?

17th November 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3


Weapons are a curious thing. We all have our favorite and will fight and argue to the death to defend our choice.

In fact they can make or break a game. Weapons can be broken down into two types:

  • Conventional Weapons (shotgun, pistol, machine gun, grenades etc)
  • Sci- Fi Weapons (Gluon guns, Hivehands, pulse rifles etc

So, this weeks poll question is simple; which do you prefer?

I’m sure most of you know which I choose but what about you?

The problem with Sci- Fi weapons is that they are often too powerful and you only get them at the end of a game. Why not have more Sci- Fi weapons early on? Also, they need something special to remember them. I have just stopped playing Gene Troopers and I honestly can’t remember any of the weapons! Is that a reflection of my age or the weapons themselves?

If you vote, please take a few moments to express your thoughts here on this post.

  • Votes: 73
  • Conventional Weapons: 70%
  • Sci- Fi Weapons: 30%

Perhaps I should have called this poll Projectile weapons and energy weapons? If weapon designers could make energy weapons with the same solid feel of projectiles then maybe players would accept them?


  1. Luke L

    Definitely conventional weaponry, it feels more natural and isn’t completely redefined in every game like sci-fi weapons are.

  2. el_espaniol

    Conventional weapons, for sure…!

  3. T.B. Biggs

    Great question Phillip-you got me thinking on this one. From Halo to Half Life and now FEAR, it’s been the conventional methods that’s gotten me through. Of course, with one exception-I love the gravity gun!

  4. Zockopa

    Depends what game, but normally I go for normal weaponry. In Halo I found the alien weapons – except the sniper – far better than the normal weapons.

  5. Great question Phillip

    Well, passerbywhoplayshl also suggested it and his wording was better than mine.

    Depends what game

    All of the poll questions are very dependant on game, circumstanes, prefered gameplay style etc. They just happen to be generalisations.

  6. I like conventional or conventional-ish weapons over lasers and other gadgets.

    I think most game developers have realised that people prefer the smack of bullets to the zap of energy beams (I call it the “Aliens Effect” – we can fly into deep space in suspended animation but we still use good old fashioned hot lead to kill the bad guys, just that the futures weapons fire a hell of a lot more of it) – even HL2’s Overwatch Rifle “feels” like a conventional weapon – even if it does fire some kind of blue glowing stuff!

  7. the smack of bullets to the zap of energy beams

    That’s nicely put. The feel of Sci- Fi weapons tend to be soft wan weak. The feel of a Magnum from Hl 1 and 2 is very solid.

  8. I like any weapon that will knock the living crap out of the opponent. I wish HL2 had a machine gun that threw larger slugs (like a nice Thompson submachine gun), I get tired of those wimpy 9mm’s doing almost nothing to the enemy, I usually give completly up on the pistol early on because it’s almost useless.

    I like the overwatch rifle, but the clips are too small.

    sci-fi weapons do have a place, depending on the situation. I think what’s most important for them is to make the weapon unique and surprising, and make its characteristics and availability based on the game techonology, if that makes sense.

  9. Old Scratch you should try smod tactical if you like powerful weapons.Even the pistol will blow away the head 🙂

  10. Aniline

    Anyone remember the magic spells from the old Quake mods (showing my age)? Turn your enemy into a dog and bash the mutt to death – yeah!

    I prefer a mix of weapons – every one has their own faves. Also I like to see how Combine die differently depending on the weapon.


  11. Don’t care which is is as long as it’s accurate and I don’t have to worry about running out of ammo. Hivehand and pistol are some of my most preferred weapons to use, but if the enemies are using weapons of a certain type and therefore dropping ammo of a certain type, I generally use those so that I don’t waste ammo without gaining the ability to replenish it.

    I am rather fond of the pulse rifles alt fire, though it’s hard to use it really effectively, but when you do, I just love the effect (except that it destroys the ammo!)

  12. Chris

    Meh, I prefer conventional weapons, they feel more natural, but the Sci-Fi weapons are always fresh and exiting when you first get one.

  13. Rikersbeard

    I like all kinds of weapons as long as they are well visualised and have good sound and fire effects, but are not too stupid to believe. Like mini-guns that would require a ammo truck behind you or nine foot long guns as I’ve seen in some games!
    A flamethrower that proves useful would be nice.
    And, how about bringing back those devilishly useful HL tripmines.


  14. Dusty

    Love the crossbow, you can take out enmities from afar, some games have sniper rifles in them, I use those and take out what ever I can see. RPG’s are great fun.. and if…IF I can sneak up on some one, WACK’em..lol

    1. Dusty

      sneaking up on enemies in most games is not possible. But in ones like return to castle wolfstien, often you can. get behind them or toss grenades around corners, This at times baits more, in that case I back up and nail them when they investigate.

  15. I love the HL2 mixture.
    I have played a SMOD or 2 with different weaponry. None satisfied so much as the HL2 Mixture.
    One exception though, I do remember a Sniper Rifle that really was a Sniper Rifle which was excellent.
    On the other hand, a distance shot with the Crossbow does need more thought than just a simple zoom.
    Most Sniper rifles are just reskins of the Crossbow so they are pointless.

  16. Depends on the critter or gadget (man hacks) Up close the shot gun, they should make a drum clip for that.. I have one on mine (real one)..Very handy, I load mine with pumpkin balls… They do a nice job on the damage end.lol.. Not a gun freak by any stretch, but they are some times a necessary evil.

    In game play..I really love things with a scope…Some thing with night vision would be cool… Sniper style weapons…..You can see them long before they see you. The enemies have endless ammo and sure shots..
    Endless ammo should be for both sides.. But I do like the Easter eggs. And I can see why endless ammo would be a problem.. I tend to get shot up pretty bad usually….so more health kits and vials should be more plentiful… But ALL IN ALL… Most of the games and mods are fine..Not getting killed is half the fun..

  17. “and I honestly can’t remember any of the weapons! Is that a reflection of my age or the weapons themselves?” Is that you asking that Phil?

    We call that “Somertimers disease” around here…lol.. As you get old, things give out, get used to it..lol.. Enjoy every moment. It CAN end at any time..And this is coming from some who was DOA once.. Near death experience or what ever you want to call it… A meatball surgeon at VMC brought me back 4 minutes out, I was comatose for almost six months.. I really should NOT say “END”… I’ve been over the edge and back. So many fear death… There is more..beyond this place….away from these frail bodies…This life is not the end

  18. I like accuracy and power, it doesn’t matter if it’s conventional or sci-fi to me as long as I can reliably hit and kill something with it. My favorite weapons in HL 2 are the Pulse Rifle and the Shotgun, I like it how you can actually hit something with the shotgun at a decent distance, too many games have shotguns that are completely useless unless you shove it right into your enemies face.

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