New Feature: 10 Latest Posts

16th April 2016

BOOM! Out of nowhere comes a new nifty feature. A page with the 10 latest post in each of the main categories.

BOOM! No longer do you have to select each individual timeline page to see what is new.

BOOM! The link can be found from the EXPLORE menu.

BOOM! I just like typing that, sorry.

Okay, so the page currently has a section for each game’s maps and mods and one for READ and LISTEN, although, I will probably sub-divide both of those into separate sections if people want me too.

The site doesn’t want to look like a magazine site but it is always useful to have one page to see what is new.

In fact, the most visited page for me is the 100 Latest Comments.

As always, let me know if you have any comments and suggestions.



  1. Actually, here is a question for you. Is 10 posts enough or would you like more?

  2. Zekiran

    I think ten for now is good, it probably will fluctuate when there are new maps contributed.

    Is there currently a way to see all of your OWN posts?

    1. Well, it will always show the latest 10 maps, even if they are years old.

      Good questions about your OWN comments. I’ll look into it. Might have to be written especially, which means it is unlikely for me to have on the site.

      Fingers crossed though.

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