My Favourite Game Has Changed!

5th January 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

When did this happen? I created a Steam Community a little while ago and in the profile it asks for your favorite game. I took less than a second to choose Half-Life 2, and that’s when it dawned on me: My favorite game has changed!

Up until then if anybody had asked my I would have said Half-Life, but over the last few months I have been playing more HL2 mods than HL1. Perhaps it’s the graphics, I don’t think so. It’s certainly not he environments, because I love Black Mesa.

It must be the gameplay, which is of course linked to the graphics but not completely dictated by it.

So, has Half-Life 2 been you favorite since its release or did it happen over time?

BTW, I decide not to make this a poll question because it assumes HL2 is your favorite game and I don’t think that’s true for everybody.


  1. feckineejit

    I much prefer the HL2 mods. I have been playing them before and after ep2 came out. They do run the gamut from really bad to really professional but most of the time they are what I look forward to (other than my family) when I come home from work each day.

  2. cubedude89

    If someone asks me what my favorite game is I just say The Half Life Series.

    That includes hl1,2,ep1,ep2,blue shift and Opposing force 😀

    second favorite has to be portal.. will be linked better to the hl universe in ep3.

  3. 23-down

    If you ask me… If I have to choose to, I would still say half-life1 in my oppinion hl1 had still much more to offer than hl2, the mod scene in hl1 was so huge and fantastic, I miss this in hl2 total. I still like the story in hl1 more because it’s more based on humans of our present time.

    hl2 is fantastic too, of course. But I miss the long time play factor in it. I can’t find any motivation to play it very long.

    Mp mods howewer are 10 times more and better than to hl1 timeline.

    There we have mods like eternal silence, zombie master, hidden source, zombie panic source, synergy (coop mod) and so on. Alot of fun in mp.

    ps @Planetphillip: Please add this Opposing Force mod that I gave you some months ago to your database.

  4. Half Life Series is my favourite games!
    P.S (BMS rule) !!!!

  5. zeroth404

    My favorite FPS hasn’t changed since Unreal.

  6. Ezequielhl

    Gameplay? But Half Life 1 and 2 play basically the same (in control scheme: there’s no leaning, iron sight, etc- don’t saying those things are needed). I know there’s vehicles and the G Gun, but That’s why I used the word BASICALLY.

    Phillip, in your life, in which videogame you spended more time not only playing, also searching and creating content for it?

    In your life, not for that lil” stadistic in Steam. Mine: I’m sure it is Half Life: I even played the horrible map-packs when I had no more to play. I can recall names, but I don’t want to insult the creators.

  7. Jim

    Half-Life 1 is definitely my favorite. HL2 has great graphics, but HL1 has personality and humor. The comments of the scientists made me laugh out loud the first time I played. It also really involved me in the game. There was a perfect balance of action and problem solving.

    HL2 has great potential but the retail game didn’t really draw me in and I wasn’t disappointed when it was over. I just started playing HL2 mods, I’m hoping that some talented modder will give this engine the great gameplay it deserves.

  8. Manual_Monaro

    If someone asks me what my favorite game is I just say The Half Life Series.

    That includes hl1,2,ep1,ep2,blue shift and Opposing force 😀

    Ditto, all the way.

    But if I was to be specific, I’d say Episode 2. If I was to choose between HL1 and HL2, I’d say Half-Life 2.

    As I said in another post, except for the Uplink demo, I played through and finished HL2 before HL1, so it’s a firm favourite of mine due mainly to experiencing it first. (In this context, of course. There are many other reasons I like HL2)

  9. Hmmm, I think I knew this whenever you didn’t want to play HL1 co-op but rather HL2 co-op! 🙂

    BTW, if I had a better graphics card, I think my favorite would also change to HL2 because of the graphics and gameplay. Half-Life will always rule, but sometime in your life, you need to move forward.

    When I first started the Half-Life series, 1 had already been out for years and 2 was due out any day. So, I played through HL1 so fast to get to HL2 that I didn’t remember a lot of it. After that, I just started playing all the maps that were out there for HL1 then the maps for HL2 started rolling out.

    Oddly enough, I’m on my 3rd go of playing HL1 all the way through and I still don’t remember some parts and that’s not including the two times I’ve played it in Sven Co-op with Jumbles.

  10. I would have to say Half Life 2 when it came out. Mainly because of the things the source engine is capable of.
    The facial animation and the physics, made it unique back then and still good right now.

  11. Kyle

    I still like Half-Life much more than Half-Life 2.

  12. SPY

    maybe I make some people mad now, (lol) but HL1 and or 2 is not my favorite game, (never even heart of HL1 before I bought and played HL2. and that when I started mapping/gaming long before I learned about HL2!

    it’s very hard to say for me which game I like best, I gess it changes with the year, most of the times it’s the game where I map currently with, but after 30 sp-maps I can’t say that HL2 is my favorite anymore. what I can do is telling which games I liked best in the past and now, (and that is not a long list, although I play about anything that comes by). therefore is here my list of favorites;

    -Medal of Honer (allied assault)
    -soldiers of fortune2
    -Cod1 (2 was pretty much the same, therefore
    -HL2 (when it was released)
    -Fear (liked this game VERY much)
    -Crysis (last but not least!)

    although I have to say that GRAW2 also is looking and playing very NICE!


  13. KingDaniel

    My favourite game of all-time is Super Mario 64. Lol all you want, but that’s the game I have the fondest memories of. No. 2 is the Half-Life series…which for me includes all the (good) fan made SP mods out there, like Sweet HL, Azure Sheep, Todesangst, Darkstar…i could go on all day.
    Except for Metastasis and Mistake of Pythagoras, no HL2 mod is quite up there yet IMO.

  14. Zockopa

    I go with leon. I simply cant tell what game i
    like best. However I still think HL1 + the top
    SP-Mods for it still rule over HL2. That aside
    the first System Shock was a real eye-opener for
    me and let me think of what can be done in ego-
    view beside shooting all what moves. Nevertheless Unreal sucked me in perfectly and
    Descent 3 was simply a great game for me.
    I had great fun with Chaser,Far Cry and
    Fear + Addons but also with Thron 2. In fact I guess im relativly easy to entertain but at the same time hard to fascinate. The weird thing is Fear did it but Crysis did not.

  15. SPY

    Crysis did not Zockopa?
    maybe you couldn’t play it on the High settings, because I have to agree that playing it on Low and some Normal grafical settings does make the game look like an old far cry, but with the highest settings it is simply amazing and never seen before.
    but, like always, everyone has his personal taste, and that is a good thing!
    (just needed to say this, because like you could read in my first comment am I a quit big Crysis fan now, and this has mainly to do with how the game looks and feels)


  16. m82sniper

    Well, I have always loved half-life 1, and I have played it since the release. I do like hl2 a lot, but I just think that Hl1 has more enjoyable, and more well done mods.

  17. OG Loc

    You guys really need to get a life! jk lol! XD But there is more than just HL. Like I love the Grand Theft Auto series! Halo is pretty cool too! I also like some of the classic games like Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem! And I’ve been playing Unreal Tournament alot lately! See? Look at all the other cool games out there! Or maybe not play games at all, just go outside and do stuff, or maybe some golf or something! Okay now I’m really getting off subject! lol!

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