LDA: Tutoring Session 003: Texture Manipulation

22nd June 2016

Here is Don’s and Phillip’s third tutoring session.

This video discusses texture manipulation.

Please feel free to ask questions related to the topics discussed.

Please visit its homepage for full details of the Level Design Academy project.

Tutoring Session 003 Details

To teach the viewer to be familiar with applying and manipulating textures.

Date Video length Contents
22th June 2016 2h 13m
  1. The concept of textures
  2. Repeating textures
  3. GoldSource textures specs
  4. The texture box
  5. The texture browser
  6. Lift a texture in the 3D view
  7. Apply a texture in the 3D view
  8. Align a texture in the 3D view
  9. Face Properties box
  10. Texture scale
  11. Texture Memory
  12. Texture Lock
  13. Texturing Adjacent Faces Together
  14. Treat as one

We were due to cover Decals, but we decided to leave that for the next session.

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Don and Phillip really hope that the Level Design Academy will encourage people to learn along with Phillip.

These posts can be used to ask questions related to the topics covered. Both Phillip or Don will do their best to help.

Files for the Level Design Academy, including the applications used ca be found here: http://www.bit.ly/LDA-Files.

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