Kill to Kill 2

for Half-Life 2

4th June 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

I know nothing! Can somebody play this and tell me a little about it? I would laso like to have a few screenshots. You may need to speak French as well.

Basic Details
  • Title: Kill to Kill 2
  • File Name: kill-to-kill-2.rar
  • Size : 196.84Mb
  • Author: Unknown
  • Date Released: 26 May 2006
  • Download: PlanetPhillip Filecloud Server
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  1. AI —> Go to their website for screenshots and other info. I don’t speak French and have have trouble with my own English! (haha) Google has a page translator that works(somewhat) so you can figure it out! This mod is supposed to be in three parts also. Have not tried it yet acct. going thru HL2 E1!

  2. Len

    It’s a SourceMod (install to that folder) with ten or twelve levels; your mission is to save Alyx and destroy or take over the Citadel. It’s pretty challenging….a lot of damage from enemy fire but only a few health packs. Some attention has been paid to detail, so it looks nice. The maps are small, which is good for slower machines but the load-times between the maps slows you down. Problem is, I’m stuck early on between two force-fields and can’t advance, so I can’t give you guys any more info at this point. In any case it seems to be well worth the download.

  3. andyb

    Len there is a button in room where you ended up after going through the vent.hard to see it but its there.

  4. Mike

    andyb, do you happen to remember how to get past the next barrier? There’s a ladder in a room and a red/yellow door barrier partway up the wall. I’ve stcked boxes but there doesn’t seem to be any way though the barrier. Can’t find any buttons anywhere… apart from two orange button-ish objects in the adjacent explosives room but they don’t seem to be affecting anything. What am I missing?

  5. andyb

    in the room before the 2 square buttons under the benches need to be pushed then climb up the crates and it should open when you use the “use” key

  6. Mike

    Thanks, andyb. I had already done that and when I tried again, after reading your message it still didn’t work. So I tried again, pressing the butttons in a different order and running to the crates, and that worked. So it’s either time sensitive or the buttons need to be pressed in a certain order.

    Anyway, this is not a particularly good mod, I feel. Some moments of mild amusement, I suppose, and it’s nice to see some old fashioned puzzle elemnts creeping in, but ultimately it’s too short and rather frustrating. Some damn alarm bells wouldn’t switch off either due to a bug (or maybe that was in the mod’s design?) and that drove me mad. I had to switch the sound off for the rest of the game.

  7. The French

    Hi, I am the creator of this mod. The alarm bell is not a bug, I think you have failure a button. This button stop the alarm bell. I can make an english site for this mod if you want. I have a friend who speak very well french and english.

    Sorry for my bad english (i am French ^^).

    (This mod is above all fun, not serious and Kill to Kill 2 is very difficult.)

  8. Mike

    The alarm bell went off when I pressed a button, then came back on and wouldn’t stop. Pressing the button again wouldn’t stop it.

    Your English is a hundred times better than my French. If the messages in the game were in English I would have enjoyed the mod more, I suppose, as I could have followed the story better.

    Thanks for taking the time to make the mod.

  9. andyb

    @ The French…..Good mod.Keep up the good work.Do you plan on another mod or expanding this one?

  10. The French

    For the moment, Kill to Kill 3 is in construction. It’s very long to translate Kill to Kill 2 and I think that there will be no English version. I am translating the story, I will publish it here.

    Thank you very much.

    (French is more difficult than English 😉 )

  11. Mike

    I look forward to seeing Kill to Kill 3. Tell me, will you be making it easier? In Kill to Kill 2, the enemies inflicted enormous damage with every single shot.

  12. The French

    I don’t know really for the moment ^^

  13. The French, if you had a closed caption translation it would have helped me. I had to load a map past the rooms with the bell and pop machines because I could not understand the idea of the puzzle. Thanks for the great work involved in this and the HL1 mod.

  14. Pajo

    Hi, can someone tell me exactly, where can I find the button to stop the alarmbell. The alarm bell starts to ring in the room, after the large room with 2 striders and lots of combines. There is a kind of fax-machine on the table, and you have to go through a vent, to get to the next room with some goodies in it. Thank you for help.

  15. Mike

    Pajo: When you drop down out of the vent into a room, look straight ahead at the door — to the right of the door is a square button. It’s not very visible from some angles, but it is there.

  16. Pajo

    Thank you Mike, I was looking at this place, stood in front of it, but I didn`t realize it,omg. I was looking for hours how to stop this alarm. These are really difficult puzzles. But I like this mod very much, especially the part when G-Man and Alex leave the large room and a gate opens automaticly, with lots of combines behind it. I also like the next, final-part, big fun ! This is a great mod. Thanks to the creator.

  17. I’m partway thru this myself, and am stuck at the part past the “garage doors”, where two Striders and a boatload of Combine, and a vortigaunt stuck way up high in some little platform room. I can hit the only buttons I can find in this space, but all I can get is a pair of doors opening behind the glassed-in low walkway, beyond which is a large room that has a glass-walled room full of cages, and a forefield stopping me from climbing the stairs. This whole section has me frustrated because I can’t seem to activate the right combo of things to advance.

    otherwise, nice mod. I wish it were in English as well, the long-text at the drink machine seems to be telling me something important, but hell if I can figure it out. Anyone know how to extract text like that, so one can translate it?

  18. I seem to be having the same problem as Old Scratch as I’m stuck in the exact same place. Can anyone please help out here?

  19. In the room with a forcefeild blocking the stairs is a glassed in room.To get into that room to turn off the forcefield you need to go back past the walkway and out to the room where you first entered.There is a guardbooth/smalloffice there.Beside the door is a keypad.Activate it then you will be able to get into the glassed in room.

  20. Thanks andyb. I’ve got that far & have the gravity gun but, that’s where I’m stuck. What do I do now? I’ve pushed every console in the room to get past the forcefield & zippo, nadda.

  21. use the gravity gun on the white energyball thing in the corner.Then try the consoles again

  22. I tried that. There seems to be a forcefield around the energy ball & it won’t let the gravity gun do anything. I’ve tried to extract it but, I don’t know how to turn off the forcefield around the energy ball. Everything was going on all so well, no probs or anything & now this. Ha-phooey!

  23. You know what andyb? Obviously, I wasn’t looking at the computer in a “nice” way. Or possibly I just wasn’t standing on my head & spinning around. Suffice to say, I have tried half a night, most of a day to get that damn energy ball to do something. I tried extracting it, tried to blast it with the gravity gun (I mean I knew it was there for a reason). Now, it finally blasted it out. I could friggin” scream right now. Thanks for the help.

  24. Heh took me awhile to get past this part also

  25. I simply give up because now I’m stuck in that entrance way past the forcefield & the door.

  26. For people (ehhmmmm) who have crap computers & the flash light won’t cast on a wall, is there a way to correct that so that you can actually see what the flashlight is pointed at?

  27. Stuck in the hallway with the forcefields?

  28. As for your pc,what vid card do you have?If it only supports DX7 you could try this.

  29. A cool shiny new toy? It’s not even Xmas yet! I’ll see if it works. My flashlight has been a worthless piece of garbage for HL2. Don’t even get me started on how long it took me in Episode 1 to find that door in the map where all the lights are out (after the elevator breaks). As for Kill to Kill 2, I broke the tile & dropped down & found the combine console all lit up but I can’t see anything else cuz my flash is crap.

  30. just jump back in the duct and go back to the door.It unlocks once you active console or a switch there I forget.But you can hear it unlock.

  31. You know what andyb? I could probably kiss you right now (by the way, I am a Goddess in case you started to worry). Hope you guys don’t mind a gal crashing your party here. I tried that d/l you mentioned above & it didn’t do anything for my flashlight. I just figured there was a door in that room to go through instead of jumping back up in the vent. Hopefully, I won’t post anything here again. Well, at least for a very long time.

  32. OMG. How incredibly disgusted I am now.

  33. The ending. I thought it would never would.

  34. Alex

    Could someone tell me how to “write 2005” on the beverage machine?

  35. not sure what you mean.I know there is options in that mod but writing 2005 doesn’t ring a bell with me.

  36. Alex

    On “etage 23” you have 2 chooses: continue on the citadel, or find one secret going to the beverages machine. Here you have a long message:
    -write on 2005, the year…
    You receive the first digit.
    -increase the first digit with one digit resulting one digit which will be half of the increasing digit, bat will be an odd digit
    -you obtain 2 digits adding 6 to finding result
    -so, you have 3 digits
    -add 3 at the first, lessening 1 at the second and 5 at the third, you find other 3 digits
    -for the last digit, the answer is front of you
    -at the end, confirm at the left console

    Complicated enough and a little absurd. A secret with 2 groups of 3 digits each one.
    That is with “write 2005”

  37. dufferx

    Enjoyed it and only have minor complaints. I really don’t enjoy having to look all over the place for switches. I also don’t like running back and forth from one room to another to push switches to get something to happen. Other than that, thank goodness for God mode at the end.

  38. Mel
    Play It Now!

    Let me say first off, this is a very tough mod to play through with the intensity of the combat being severe. For most of the mod you don’t get much in the way of health supplies. This, coupled with the very high damage level dished out by the Combine, means you will die a lot. To survive you will need to take what cover or advantage your surroundings will afford you and look for angles of attack you can use without taking damage. Meeting the Combine head on in this game is suicidal.

    The mod is of French origins with mission and in-game captions that are (as you can imagine) not in English; but then, why should they be? There are also in-game voice massages which I am sure are relative to the action at hand but my French being zero, they were completely lost on me. Nevertheless, I managed to progress through the levels without too much concern; that is until the last sequence when it would have been helpful to be more aware of what was going on.

    This mod does not have a full HL2 supporting cast, being very much a Combine affair with Striders, Gunships and attacking scanners thrown in. I can’t remember any other foe, humanoids or otherwise encountered. The degree of severity of the Combine onslaughts matched with their killing powers is more than enough to undertake without needing any other enemy forms to deal with.

    There is a considerable amount of button pushing with much of it being either a part of some obscure puzzle relying on two, or in some cases, three interlinking actions necessary to progress through force fields. You grow wary of these force fields and the means to disengage them long before the end of this mod comes. Also, for some unknown reason, the author sees fit to merge some wall buttons into the wall texture so rendering them almost impossible to see. This to me adds nothing to the gameplay and just leaves the player frustrated with the sequence. Surely far more imaginative ways of mapping and concealing buttons could have been employed.

    Most of the design takes the form of inner Citadel structures, with blue-gray metallic surroundings and a strong use of glass. Architecture is on a grand scale from passageways and stairways to huge, high ceiling areas. The whole mod has the feel of endless room and space. Much of this space is well needed to both stage the array of Combine troops with their hardware, whilst also affording the player the chance to maneuver and take on the enemy.

    The inner Citadel settings are not my preferred HL2 environment, however, the author designs this major passage of the mod in such a way that you never feel restricted nor bored with the surroundings. On the contrary, much of the structure looks original helping to keep one’s interest even if a lot of the textures are familiar.

    With the end sequence being long, intense and cramped with content and combat to fill another mod, the battle enters the big outdoors. Without meaning to give much away, this end sequence is a piece of theater played out amidst a vast arena where you, the leading role, need to overcome great odds piece by piece, step by step. Having almost got to the end of this tough mod without cheating, I finally succumbed and went god mode on the very last piece of action. I felt that 30 rocket shots to bring down a helicopter was just too much, turning what should have been a grand finale into a bit of a slog and a bore.

    Negative Points
    – Limited use of HL2 cast
    – Limited choice of environmental settings
    – Obscure puzzles
    – Over use of force fields
    – Very high damage level from Combine

    Positive Points
    – Intense Combine battles
    – Original architectural settings
    – Grand and large set design
    – A complete mod with a story, even though it’s in French
    – Interesting choice of incidental music

    I have mixed views regarding the mod. it’s tough but fair and doable with both the number and killing power of the Combine forcing the player to think through tactics which are needed to survive and beat the very strong engagements created by the author.

    On the other hand, we have very repetitive forms of puzzles which for me, lack imagination and did little to enhance the gameplay. If the mappers are going to set puzzles, they should at least be varied in form and resemble some logical trend. This mod did not achieve these goals.

    It is, however, a good action packed mod and if you like your combat on the tough side then you won’t be disappointed with this offering. The author knows exactly what he wants to achieve with his creation being that everything is by design, nothing left to chance or accident and it’s meant to be a challenge.

    Lets hope we get more from a very talented author.

    My Recommendation

  39. Denizen
    Avoid It!

    This truly takes the crown for the worst mod I’ve ever seen.
    it has zero atmosphere, zero balance, scarce detail and poor design.
    The music is unfit, annoying, and impossible to remove, the voice acting is horrible, and every line of text is mind-bogglingly misspelled.

    I’m amazed that this website gave it 5 stars.

  40. whgamer

    I have given up on this mod! I simply could not get any further. After the glassed room with the gravity gun, it loads the next map, and then you are faced with a door in front of you with windows either side of it. I “used” the door but it wouldn’t open, there is no vents, switches or anything to make any furher passage possible. I can’t use “noclip” as the mod doesn’t I’ve tried shooting the windows but nothing, gravity gun does nothing on the door either. Anyone else encountered this problem?

  41. Andrew

    Yup. Stuck in the same place.

  42. Bobz
    Play It Later

    Me: Got stuck towards the end of chapter 4. Could not get to chapter 5. Jumped to chapter 6.
    SHE who must be obeyed: No problems!! No cheats and worked out the puzzles and secret door switches.
    Bother, I’ll have to download again and replay it.

  43. Avoid It!

    Again another page with a dead file link or no link at all. I’m just leaving a review so it no longer comes up in my search. It’s not on Moddb either.

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