Headcrabs – Borderworld Productions

24th December 2017

This is a short documentary about Headcrabs.

I created the concept, wrote and recorded the script and provided general artistic direction.
Niker produced the video and had full artistic control.

Niker107’s channel can be found HERE.

Borderworld Productions is the name I will use if we make more videos like this.


  1. The evolution that is mentioned in the video is a civil rebel with a colored shirt attacked by the headcrab turns into a white shirt zombie 🙂

    Nice one! I hope you continue doing more of this kind of narrative clips!

  2. AI

    Phillip; Well made vid! Maybe you could turn it into an adventure?? like “Hiding from the Head crabs” I wish I was younger and had that talent!!

  3. Interesting concept. Really interesting. A new fresh concept on RunThinkShootLive!
    The video is really well made, and the vocal lines are really good as well!
    I hope you will do other videos like this in the future.

    1. We are glad you like it. Hopefully, there will be another one in early 2018.

      1. You made my day with those news!

  4. Incredible! One of the best SFM’s i’ve ever seen. Exquisite taste.

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