HalloweenVilleFour Mapping Challenge

20th October 2017

Can it see you?

Should you run or wait?

How long can you hold your breath and stay silent?

Your hands won’t stop shaking but you must remain calm…

Theme Details

Yes, that’s right. A mapping challenge with no warning! If that doesn’t scary ya, nothing will.
Seriously though, I didn’t want to say I’ll be announcing a mapping challenge in a few days as that would probably have been too obvious.

I want modders to make a map that uses atmosphere, lighting, sound and design to scare the player.

Carefully crafted ideas will be rewarded more than simple jump scares.

There MUST still be combat and/or puzzle solving. Simply making a scary scene is not acceptable for this challenge.


The deadline for submitting maps is:

Sunday 29th October 11.59pm Central European Time


That’s 9 days, with 2 full weekends.

General Advice

DO NOT GET TOO AMBITIOUS. If you can’t build it in 2 weekends then think smaller.

Something is bound to delay your progress. Leave time for testing, bug fixing and polishing!


Do your best to get your map tested. Broken maps have no chance of winning.


Prize(s) will be announced soon.

Judging Criteria

The winner will be the map that does the best job of creating an atmosphere of fear.

General Rules
  • Maximum two maps per mapper per entry.
  • The map must be original and not have been released publicly before.
  • The map must run in system with only Ep2 installed
  • Please end your map with a point_clientcommand firing this exact command: disconnect; startupmenu
  • By entering the competition you grant PlanetPhillip.Com and RunThinkShootLive.Com the right to release the map as part of the HalloweenVilleFour Mod.
  • Maps must not appear on ANY other website before the release and for one month after the release of the mod.
  • No assets from retail games other than HL2, HL2: Ep1 or HL2: Ep2 are allowed.
  • Other assets are allowed with written permission from their original authors, which MUST be included in the entry.
  • Phillip’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into about it.
  • The map MUST have a proper name.
  • The map MUST have a proper filename: MapName_hvf.bsp
  • All entries must be sent to: [email protected] no later than the deadline.
Header Image

The header image comes from VLN on Deviant Art. Used without prior permission – sorry.

Final Thoughts

Get the basic concept working before polishing the visuals. Being almost totally dark is not the only way to make things scary.


  1. Isakillo

    Damn, that creature looks awesome.

  2. Nice, spooky maps are my favourite. Unfortunately i won’t be entering, since im still new in hammer.

  3. I have received 4 entries for HalloweenVilleFour. I will do my best to release it this Saturday. If anybody has any bonus maps they can finish by Friday, please do your best to send them to me – thanks.

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