1. Super cool!if that were a mod I’d need a super computer and about 10 vid cards with 5gig ram each to play it lol

  2. You’ll recognise the scene but not the combat, wow.

    Oh boy, if only it was a mod. We can but wish.
    If only there were PCs to handle it. We can but wish.

    Combat warfare, just how I would like it.

    Perchance to dream.
    Are they worth watching? Oh yes – very.

  3. Gradius

    I don’t think the guy playing it has a super computer with 10 video cards :/

  4. Grey Acumen

    The title doesn’t make much sense, and the combine soldiers were far too talkative, as soldiers working for the combine they shouldn’t have still had that much humanity left. Maybe civil protection might have that type of conversation but I didn’t really see that as something the soldiers would be doing.

    Other than that it was interesting, if a little confusing. There was a lot of time that Freeman was just sitting and looking around and I’m left going “dude, just shoot some shit”

  5. Zekiran

    Fairly misleading title… I expected maybe, you know, something about Barney. :/

  6. feckineejit

    Holy moly, that was amazing.

  7. Jhobbs

    That was amazing, way to take advantage of the Engine. Super cool!

  8. WOW. Hectic battle. The author did well to survive as long as he did.
    Making a clip of gameplay or even a video using hammer is a very good way to showcase your mods and/or to tell a story in my opinion.

    This is something that I’ve wanted to do for my Maps and Mods for a while now to show people who don’t play HL ( and I know a lot of them) what mapping and modding are about. I did start with a Drowned World series of clips that my website links to but haven’t had enough time to finish the project. One down 7 to go depending on clip size. lol

    There was a video out about 12 months ago along a similar vein. Set in a train yard but I can’t recall its name. I’m sure it is linked to on Planet Phillip somewhere.

    I think we may see more clips like this in the future.

  9. Not sure if I really like it. Just watching some fighting action with too chatty combine is kinda boring – as a Machinima. Well if it really was one. Could have been some simple Gmod setup captured with fraps and an afterwards editing to get the sound in. Making enemies attacking one another in a map really isn’t difficult to do. And clever cutting and editing can make even a gmodding scene to look “awesome’. But what’s that with the title anyway? Does anyone actually see Barney in this one? Or is the title just meant to lure people into watching it? Fail. :S Anyway, I stopped watching at 2:24 of the first part and never bothered with the second one. D8

  10. Phil Bolton

    I read comments above……………..

    Some people — moan-moan-moan-moan!

    I enjoyed watching both!

    Well done!

  11. Guys, can you tell me where download it, because I can’t find any download links?

    1. You can’t. It’s not a playable mod or map, but just a machinima.

  12. So it’s a fake game to say so?

    1. No, more just built to make the movie. The movie (machinima) is the reason for the project. It happens a lot.

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