1. Kinda crazy knowing how long Half Life has been around & we just now find this out? Pretty cool.

  2. zeroth404

    I’ve played HL1 through many times… I don’t recognize that area. what is it?

  3. zeroth404

    its not an easter egg. easter eggs are intentional things. this is just a bug. however interesting it is…

  4. I’m curious to know if that place is the only area it happens, or if it applies to all barrels. I can’t recall that scene either.

  5. Unq

    That video isn’t taken from Half-Life. It’s from a map near the end of Opposing Force; you can also tell by the HUD & hands. And I also wouldn’t classify this as an easter egg, it’s more of an engine exploit. Interesting tip, though.

  6. I know it wasn’t really an Easter Egg but because I am beginning to collect things like this I decided to classify as such to make finding them on the site easier.

    I should have noticed the HUD but didn’t. I will change the post title now.

  7. Zeroth is right. Easter Eggs are hidden things that are intentional and usually have a meaning (not always, usually).

    Why not classify these things as “Interesting Bugs” or something?

  8. Zhouy

    First of all, this boost works on ANYTHING that is pushable, both in Half-Life and all other mods/expansions. Secondly, this area is from the Opposing Force mod Nuclear Winter, I chosed this area because it’s large. Third, this isn’t an easter egg, it’s a bug as zeroth404 says.

    Btw Phillip, I don’t know if Opposing Force Easter Egg is right name, right name would be Half-Life Glitch or simular, since this bug works in hl too, and is more a glitch then easter egg. This was just recorded on a Opposing Force mod, so Half-Life would be better then Opposing Force.

  9. Yes, I know that it’s not the best name and I am trying to think of something that covers Easter Eggs and things like this.

    Please don’t keep telling me it’s the wrong name!

    The task is to think of a name that covers ee and other things.

  10. HL Tricks & Treasures

  11. HL Tricks & Treasures

    Nice. I think we have found a winner.

  12. Frederick

    It’s not really an Easter Egg. It’s more like a booth babe. You know the closer you get to a booth babe, the more energy you develop. Then if you touch her, you kind of explode.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Can’t say I ever had that experiance. Women don’t like me.

    Anyone noticed the repeating jump bug? Or is that too basic in the exploit department…

  14. Zhouy

    That’s so called bunnyjump.

  15. Ok, I have renamed the post again and this time called it GoldSource since that was the name of the engine used for HL, OP and BS.

  16. shungokusatsu

    Theres a funny glitch in hl1 where you walk through a certain door and it boosts up your health way past 100%…

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