From Intro to Gameplay

29th March 2005

I’ve posted this piece under gameplay ideas but it’s not really meant to be there. Anyway here it is…

The game/mod starts with a movie describing the events leading up to the start of the game. The screen fades out to black and then fades back in again. The viewer/player see the protagonist running towards them, the view is from the floor. As the character gets closer the “camera” rises and moves to the left, panning as the runner moves past. By the time this happens the camera is head high and moving in the same direction as the runner. The camera continues to rise until it is 2 metres above the height of the runner then begins to follow the runner, slowly catching them. Strange noises can be heard from behind the runner and viewer, who of course can’t look behind. A large shadow begins to be seen creeping forward on the floor and walls. The runner speeds up leaving the camera behind for a second or so. However the camera continues to catch the runner and begins to drop down again to head height. It then moves through the runner’s head and the view is from first person. It is at this point that the player has control over the character. The moment the player is in control a very loud shriek is heard and the game begins.

AS the camera moves through the runner’s head I imagine visual effects that simulate brain waves or synapses etc. There could also be some sound effects. Perhaps this would be a perfect opportunity to hear the runner’s thoughts, thereby moving the story along whilst giving the character a personality.

I don’t know whether this is technically possible but I will try and include it in Blaze Bolden (A mod I’m working on).

Although this piece wasn’t supposed to be about game intros in general, typing it up made me think about other games. For me, without doubt, Half-Life was the best intro ever. It set the scene but in an interactive way. It introduced some characters, the Gman, scientists etc, and was funny at the same time. I’m planning to write a more detailed piece on it but for now those of you who haven’t played HL, you can download the intro movie from the PlanetPhillip Server. It’s 35Mb

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