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6th June 2005

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  1. Mr. N

    It’s strange that no-one actually described this map. I played it recently and found it fun, but short.

    In “Fortune”, you play as a rebel (or another incarnation of Gordon Freeman?) storming a Combine fortress along with other rebels.

    First of all, it’s VERY short. It took me 5-8 minutes or so, but just take into consideration that I am always playing on EASY (not that I hate challenges, but I usually play for story and recreation of the game world more). You basically kill the Combine troops guarding the little fortress, then blow up an APC and bring a Strider down.

    There are some good scripted sequences (like Strider emerging from a silo-like undeground structure) and some text messages telling you about what’s coming next (some of them are quite fun, like the “Uh-oh, NOW you’re in trouble!” before the appearance of the Strider). The design is kinda basic and you can instantly see that the fighting space is very limited (look at the edges of the map). But the overall experience is fun because of the action part of the map. I think personally that the assault on the fortress was well-staged.

    Bottom line, it’s not a PLAY IT NOW level, but definitely a CONSIDER IT one.

    Mr. N

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