Forest train Version 1.1 Is Now Available

25th May 2014

Forest Train, Version 1.1 is now available. It was already a fantastic release and I am sure this update will make it even better.

If you would like to re-review it and change your recommendation image and or the Meta Review Data, that’s fine.

Please don’t post any reviews of the mod on this post as it will be deleted in a few weeks.

Here are the changes.

  • Removed misplaced player clip brush at cabin driveway.
  • Updated slumped Zombies to use Actbusy to prevent animation popping.
  • Ragdoll magnets are no longer always active.
  • Fixed an issue where Manhacks would occasionally spawn infinitely.
  • Removed Headcrab from the air duct.
  • Tweaked difficulty and enemy tactics in the mounted gun battle.
    • Combine can lob grenades at players who use the mounted gun.
    • Pathing and spawn position adjustments.
    • Better balanced to support not using the mounted gun.
  • Updated the Hunter-Chopper boss battle.
    • Changed the way the battle starts.
    • Players can run around the train cars for cover.
    • The Hunter-Chopper tries to stay near the player.
    • The Hunter-Chopper only does bombing runs after being hit.
    • Razor Trains don’t start arriving until Hunter-Chopper is hit.
    • Sped up the Hunter-Chopper bombing run.
    • Sped up the rate at which the Hunter-Chopper drops ambient bombs.
    • Zombie spawner replenishes with each Hunter-Chopper hit.
    • Hunter-Chopper switches to long cycle, distance shooting at end.
  • Fixed or updated some textures, dynamic shadows.
  • Added some more props for detail.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and tweaks.
  • Updated the bundled VMFs.


  1. Even though, this mod is really great, I really wanted to be longer

  2. JG

    This is one of those cases where it is what it is. You’re not the first one to ask “Why don’t you make longer mods?” but the truth is, I know what my limitations are. In particular, how long I can work on the same mod before I start to get tired of it. To me, there’s an elegance to single map design and being able to accomplish everything you set out to do in a small form factor.

  3. Its just brilliant 🙂 I rated it 10 out of 10, a PF the first time. Now its the same, only better! This improved release meant I got to play it again, I might have forgotten otherwise!

    1. JG

      I’m glad you enjoyed it… again! 😀

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