Flying Fortress

8th April 2004

I can imagine having some interesting effects whilst running on the wings to reach a valve or weapon. The wind making walking difficult, only to find you return path block by your enemies. This may be especially good if the level starts with the plane taking off (vibration turning into an earthquake-like feeling, followed by an almost unbearable noise. The plane slowly rises above the clouds and eventually gets to the limit of the earth’s atmosphere and provides stunning views.

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  1. There really should be more levels that take place ON a flying thing and not controlling one, as much as I love controlling them. The only ones that come to mind instantly for me are:

    Multiple levels from the Sonic series
    The plane from uncharted
    That fleet level from Kirby Adventure
    That fleet level from Mario Galaxy
    Some custom Doom and Quake maps (Castle of Eternal Carrot in the Sky for Doom, Coagula series and Numb Nimbus for Quake)

    That and the entirety of Bioshock Infinite.

    That may seem like a lot but it’s not nearly as many as other types like grassy plains levels for platformers and military complexes for FPSs.\

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