All Your Base Are Belong To Us

for Half-Life 2

14th July 2005

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

After being put into stasis once more, the G-Man began selling Gordon Freeman’s services to the highest bidder.
So once again Freeman is awakened to do the G-Man’s dirty work. And he is still as confused as he was before.

Basic Details
  • Title: All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  • Filename:
  • Release Date: 14 July 2005
  • File Size: 22.3Mb
  • Author: Mikael “Qwerty83” Hasslund
  • Download: PlanetPhillip Filecloud Server
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  1. Mel

    I guess there is a game here somewhere, after a weird intro you are in a round room with rotating beams, see scene shot, I assume you duck and jump the beams to progress and with a size 22.3Mb they must be more to this game, but who cares, if the mapper can’t bother to design a structured begining for the player to get into the game then why bother to play it.

  2. Mike S

    Has anybody figured what you have to do with those rotating beams. I don’t see a switch or anything. More ammo appears after a minute or two, which leads me to believe I should be shotting something…but what? Strange!

  3. Basically there are 3 objectives.They all require destroying something.First hint I’ll give is glass tubes.

  4. Mike S

    Thanks. andyb – after asking my question I shot out the yellow tubes…but I got exaspererated when the manhacks showed up and the lasers spelt sudden death. I guess I could engage Buddha mode but I hate having to cheat to get through a map.

  5. Mike S

    Right, I may be a lot of things, but I’m not defeatist (no siree, Bob!) so I just booted this map up and…completed it. My chagrin at it earlier had more to do with playing several sub-standard maps beforehand. I was low on patience by the time I started AYBABTU.

    For a large-ish file it’s basically a one-room puzzle. Was pretty gobsmacked when I got the congratulations screen.

    Not sure whether I recommend it or not. Top marks for soing something creative puzzle-wise, and there are great voices and atmospheric sound effects. But did I enjoy it? Well, if I’m to be honest, then the answer’s no, not a lot.

  6. Fluffy The Hamster

    Score: 4 out of 5.

    Annoyance Rating: 3 (Have to dodge and shoot at the same time. A hard thing to do. Also not clear on the objectives until you realize.)

    New Models/Skins/Etc.: Nope/Yep/New beautiful TRON-like walls.

    Gameplay: Thinkorific.

    Story?: Gordon “Ch-ch-ch-chia!” Freeman is sent somewhere for some reason. Lovely.

    This map is short. No. Really.

    When you start, your treated a beautiful rendering of your brain. You get to move through red-lined TRON like surroundings. Walking ( Or skipping, depending on your mood. If blood-red lines on the wall makes you happy) through the corridors and greeting the lovely face on the wall. Give the man on the wall a handshake and move on, I say. Here, the walls get to talk to you. At this point, i’m having a flashback of the more finer things in life.

    Ah, she was the best girl I ever hung…..Out…With…

    Moving on. You get to have a conversation with the wall. I’m thinking “Hello, mister wall. Are you in need of a stomache stapling surgery?” but he refused to comment. You teleport slowly and get to meet your main enemy. The evil TRON-like villian resides in nothing, allowing the view to mess up like your hallucinating. A beautiful and professional looking use of special effects. After that, you get to have an interesting boss battle. You get to shoot glass.

    Yeah, shoot glass. I can see you jumping in excitement. After that, shoot more glass, dodge lazers, dodge manhacks, shoot more glass. End.

    Creepy sounds. The ability to talk with walls. Ghostly skins. A Gman meeting and some laser dodging to top it all off. Tastes just like chicken.

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