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Dark Evening

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

After the disaster that occurred in Black Mesa and the world finding out, government figures have taken action to reduce panic and evacuate people to safety. In a rural area far away from Black Mesa, you are suddenly awakened by your alarm clock, only to listen to a more alarming tone from an emergency TV broadcast…

Dark Evening is an Atmospheric-Horror Source Engine Modification inspired by classic titles such as Silent Hill, while retaining the familiar Half Life 2 style in gameplay.

Dark Evening takes place between the period of Half Life 1 and Half Life 2. You play as Jake Hill, a man in his mid 30’s who is caught up in the skirmish between the human, alien as well as mysterious combine forces that are fighting one another. Despite the odds being stacked up against him, he will have to fight with all the strength he’s got in order to hopefully survive the impossibly challenging circumstances.


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Swiss_Cheese Halloween 2002

for Half-Life

The Story begins in your neighbourhood on Halloween night. You find a very old book which manages to start you off on a scary and dangerous journey through a strange land where monsters roam and thrive!

Can you survive Swiss Cheese’s Halloween Mod?

Note: This version includes the patch from Swiss_Cheese as well as the Steam improvements from malortie released in 2017.


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Classic of the Month Stream – Case Closed – October 2021

All right, I’m back from holiday and ready to tackle the mod you voted for October’s Classic of the Month!

Case Closed by Steven Delrue was the winner, another pack I’ve not played in 10 years or so, but I know it’s a frequently seen pack in Sven Co-op.

The stream will be this weekend on Saturday October 16th, about 12pm (noon) Eastern US Time (5pm in the UK, 6pm Central Europe).

As usual, the stream will be on the RunThinkShootLive Twitch Channel, and the recording will later be uploaded to the Classic of the Month playlist on the RTSL YouTube channel.

Check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time. See you there!

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Vote for the October Classic of the Month!

Thanks to a suggestion by The Mighty Atom just after last month’s stream, this month you can vote on what I will choose and stream for the October Classic of the Month! So just check off your vote below, and if there’s one you want to see in future months, leave me a comment with a suggestion!

Poll closes in a week on October 8th.

1st October 2021 8 Comments