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We Want Your Content

The change from to was all about changing the idea that the site is about one person. Yes, I still run it and contribute 95% of the content, but I want that to change.

I would like the site to be seen as the centre or hub for Half-Life SP content and not just maps and mods.

The site could easily host much more content and a perfect example is Jason Gimba’s article The Real World Brands of Half-Life 2.

Original content would be posted on RTSL first and then after a month could be posted to the creator’s own website if he or she has one.

So this post is to encourage readers to submit content in either articles or videos. Article would be posted on the site under a new category and videos would be hosted on the RTSL YouTube channel (not simply linked to). I want the YouTube channel to start to contain much more content created by other people.

While I am talking about readers contributing, please feel free to suggest new live streaming events. In fact, I will be starting a new series soon, but I can’t say any more than that because it’s still at the planning stage.

The same goes for article or video ideas.

PP and RTSL have a history of helping new maps and mods be created via the Mapping Challenges and it’s time for some of the energy to be put into other types of content creation.

27th September 2015 21 Comments

Uncertainty Principle

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

When the Combine raid your Resistance hideout, you are forced to flee into the depths of the Outlands.

But with Overwatch forces hunting you down, and the local fauna out to get you, danger is always just around the corner.

Play through four chapters of Half-Life gameplay, exploring new locations, meeting new characters and uncovering lost secrets.


Total Downloads: 7,99126th September 2015
56 Comments and 20 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!

Poll Question 322 – If Valve announced they were not making HL3, do you think the modding community could finish the series?

Sorry for another HL3 question so soon after the last one (more to come though, I’m afraid) but I saw something on the Steam Greenlight page that starting me thinking about this.

Fans of other franchises, although I don’t know of any gaming ones, have continued the stories when the originators didn’t seem to be interested. Star Wars and Star Trek are the ones that come to mind, but there might be others.

It’s probably happened with fiction too and I don’t just mean fan-written stuff, I mean actual ends to series that were never finished or poorly finished.

24th September 2015 11 Comments

Nova Prospekt: Utility

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Finding yourself in a new and strange part of Nova Prospekt, you have no other choice but to starve to death or try to escape.

It will require thinking as well as fighting.

Overlook nothing, or your fate will be taken out of your hands – good luck.


Total Downloads: 1,59920th September 2015
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Poll Question 321 – Has it been more than half your life from HL1 to now?

A few days ago on the HalfLife SubReddit quimralho asked Why is the game called Half-Life? What is the relation of the title and the game?

It’s a question that is often asked, by new and seasoned players alike. Most often people talk about the decay of radioactivity etc but it doesn’t really address the question.

However, this time scriminamp got right to the heart of the issue with a very funny, and quite sad really, answer.

The game is called half-life because it takes half your f*%king life for a squeal to come out.

It was then suggested by Don that this would make a good poll question, so here it is.

17th September 2015 25 Comments


for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

The Combine have acquired some sensitive data.

It’s your job to enter the Combine facility where it is being stored and erase it.

Expect heavy resistance, especially in attempting to escape.

In fact, the data could be a ploy to capture you!


Total Downloads: 1,99514th September 2015
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Poll Question 320 – Would you prefer Valve outsourced Half-Life 3?

Sorry, I’m a few days late with this week’s poll question and lucky too because I didn’t really have one until I read Reddit today and saw the above.

I’ve talked about outsourcing Half-Life 3 before, specifically with regard to Gearbox, but I wonder if Valve would ever sell the whole Half-Life licence. If they actually plan to never make another HL game again (and I don’t believe that for a second), it could make financial sense.

The question is if whoever they sold it too make a crappy game that would also tarnish Valve reputation. In many ways it’s a lose-lose situation for then.

But maybe it comes down to would you rather take the chance of playing a crappy HL game than never knowing if Valve were to make one?

12th September 2015 34 Comments

VerticalVilleTwo – Mapping Challenge Announcement

We have become very accustomed to playing maps and mods on one level.

That’s not to say that some maps don’t include more Z-axis gameplay, but in general it’s something that could be used to more and better effect.

This mapping challenge is all about (the bass – no, sorry) having the player move up and down in a realistic way.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they can ONLY move up and down, but the idea of vertical gameplay or movement should be the central theme of each entry.

10th September 2015 21 Comments


for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

The Combine have been draining the Earth’s oceans.

Control, storage and filtration of water have become increasing valuable commodities.

If the Combine are not defeated soon, there won’t be anything left saving!


Total Downloads: 2,8003rd September 2015
47 Comments and 11 recommendations with no significant bias

Poll Question 319 – How protective were you over the rebels?

It’s been a while since I have played Half-Life 2 and we all remember how annoying the Squad system was but what about the rebels in general?

At no point during the game did I actively protect them, especially if they had a weapon.

I’m sure some players remember better than I but did any rebels without weapons help you? I don’t think so.

3rd September 2015 18 Comments