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Hobo Adventure

for Half-Life 2

It’s tough living on the streets.

Fights, halucinations, finding somewhere safe to sleep.

Can you find and get the TV to enter the bar?

You’ll need to be pretty street-smart to do it.


Total Downloads: 1,45227th July 2015
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Sorry for the lack of updates

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to apologise for not posting or updating the site much recently. I have a serious neck, shoulder and arm problem and I can’t use the mouse or keyboard for more than 10 minutes with experiencing pain.

In fact,l I was off work for 3 weeks with it.

I have an appointment with the specialist next Monday and hopefully he or she can offer a solution.

For now, I will try to do some admin stuff, like adding the authors missing from the PLAY archives etc.

Fingers crossed I’ll be killing the Combine or Xenians again soon.

20th July 2015 27 Comments

The Duct Map

for Half-Life

Starting in a nondescript room, you, Bailey, need to get into some ducts and clear them out.

Of course, there will be problems.

You will have the crowbar and the shotgun.

Good Luck.


Total Downloads: 1,14716th July 2015
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Station60Ville – Mapping Challenge Theme Announcement

Station 60 was one of the last Resistance station created. As such it is slightly bigger and better hidden than most other stations.

Its exact location is a very closely guarded secret and even the personnel are taken their blindfolded and with a very circuitous route.

Even its purpose and objective is know to only a few high-ranking resistance leaders.

15th July 2015 97 Comments

TG Mast Takeover

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

“You need to steal information from the combine from their radio base, named TGMAST-SEC-12.

You can do this by turning their radio system back on and examining their data.
However, their base is heavily guarded.

They do not use many troops at first.. but once their radio is on, the fighting begins.

Once you have killed all the soldiers and examined the data, you have technically won.”


Total Downloads: 76511th July 2015
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