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Forgotten Valley

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Whilst escaping from City 17, your find yourself stuck on the road out.

There’s a forcefield blocking your continued escape.

Luckily, there’s a way down into the valley – perhaps there’s a way to turn off the forcefield.

Go find out!


Total Downloads: 3,78713th June 2015
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Deadly Darkness

for Half-Life 2

Wherever you go an evil “force” is following you.

It’s making your life hell. The Combine invasion only made it worse.

Can you finally escape its grip and be free?


Total Downloads: 1,21611th June 2015
13 Comments and 9 recommendations, 3 say "Maybe?"

Forest Mission

for Half-Life 2

You’ve been posted to a small Combine outpost.

Antlions have been attacking the entrance to the base down a natural corridor.

Defend the entrance with your fellow Combine soldiers.


Total Downloads: 90910th June 2015
15 Comments and 7 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it

Other Games We Play

As part of the Reader to Reader series of posts, I thought we could talk about the “other” games we play.

I’m not talking FPS, because we did that in the Your Favourite Underrated FPS Games post, I’m talking about everything else.

For this post, let’s stick to video games and we’ll do other types of games in another post.

If you have any images you want added to the post, either link to them or send them to me and I will size them and embed them in the post.

I’ll start the ball rolling with myself.

7th June 2015 23 Comments

The Community Hub, The Workshop and The Dilemma

The community hub for each game on Steam is an absolutely brilliant concept. It gives users a single place to find and share stuff.

I have to admit that until Black Mesa was released, I never really used a hub before. Yes, I’d seen it for Ep2 etc, but I had no interest in using it. My interests don’t really include 99.99% of the content shared on the hub, that was until Black Mesa came along.

With the release of single player maps via the workshop, I have had to start to use it.

Which brings us onto the Workshop.

6th June 2015 9 Comments

Je Ne Sais Pas

for Half-Life 2

Starting in a dark and seemingly abandoned warehouse district, you need to simply keep moving forward.

Although sometimes it might feel like you are going backwards!

Freedom awaits those strong and courageous enough to survive.


Total Downloads: 2,0436th June 2015
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for Half-Life 2

Gordon Freeman crashes his car on the way to a presentation at his alma mater. Will he be able to escape Combine pursuers? The answer is “of course”” but play the map anyway. Author’s Note “I used this map to teach myself Hammer so it isn’t as pretty as I’d it to be, but I… Read More


Total Downloads: 2,7045th June 2015
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