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Single Player Website Network

Introduction I believe webmasters of websites that focus on or at least contain content relating to Single Player FPS games should form a new network. We are both competitors and allies. We compete for viewer’s attention and time but also support each other through the dissemination of information. The Corner Shop Small fan sites like… Read More

24th October 2006 24 Comments

Combine Fight

for Half-Life 2

About Author’s Note: “A small map where Gordon vs. Combine. It’s my first ever hl2 map so be nice. I know it’s been done loads of times but I am only testing it. You get the shotgun first, and the jeep. It’s quite hard really” Reader RecommendationsCurrently there are no recommendations

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Night Things Zero

for Half-Life 2

About Officer Freeman is sent in to find a madman. This is the updated version. Reader RecommendationsCurrently there are no recommendations

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My Perfect Mod

Introduction I have recently been considering learning how to map and it has caused me to think about exactly what type of maps and levels I want to create. Questions like “why exactly do I want to map? Who will the map be for, me or other players?” With the release of Leon’s Coastline to… Read More

18th October 2006 7 Comments

Mr. Deathwish Part 1

for Half-Life 2

Author’s Note The idea is simple, you are an assassin and you will need to complete certain missions. The missions will come to you via email or post. At least in this first part. When you’ve read your briefing, you can start your mission. Not all information is given in the email or post, you… Read More


Total Downloads: 1,36813th October 2006
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Read Mes and Filenames

Introduction It seems that the quality of readme.txt files has become quite bad. Sometimes a zipped map file doesn’t even contain one! The Catalyst Email Dougjp recently sent me an email which discusses the read me files in map downloads. He’s a quote: “This was brought to light recently with a HL2 map which could… Read More

13th October 2006 18 Comments

First Light

for Half-Life 2

About First Light is a stylish action-oriented survival-horror with an unending wave of dark zombies. Developed for the Source engine, First Light features a four-player co-op mode. Requirements This game is for PC only. You must have the full version of Half-Life 2 installed on your computer to play this game. Reader RecommendationsCurrently there are… Read More

Total Downloads: 09th October 2006


for Half-Life 2

About This is a short single player map for Half-life 2. Author’s Comments Hello this is my first map ever. Please give me feedback on what I need to improve on in the future. Thanks. My email: [email protected] Reader RecommendationsCurrently there are no recommendations

Total Downloads: 08th October 2006