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just a 20 year old mentally handicapped gamer, please take good care of me *creepy wierdo voice* so, i tend to have issues with SourceMods, considering that so many authors don't tailor them for people on platforms other than Windows. i love it when i find a mod that's OS X compatible,
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I'm that guy who sits at the corner of the map, plinking away with the pistol, xD firing one shot a minute, and slowly getting headshot, but my preferred weapon's are the 357, and the Shotgun

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i play a good bit of Modded Minecraft, a HALO fan, but i don't have a console, i mess around with Sourcemods in Gmod, playing them with max difficulty, but using FAS:2 or CW2.0 weapons,

Top 5 Favourites


  1. HALO (in general)
  2. Jedi Knight 3
  3. World of Warships
  4. Pokemon (go ahead, laugh it up)
  5. DragonFable


  1. Minerva: Metastasis
  2. Spherical Nightmares
  3. Mission: Improbable
  4. The Citizen Returns
  5. Aberration
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  • Mapping: None
  • Modeling: None
  • Scripting: None
  • Texturing: None
  • Voice acting: None
  • Writing: None
  • Sound: None
  • Music: None

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i have no skill beyond manually porting mods into other Source Games, xD

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