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  1. Grand Theft Auto 5
  2. Fallout 4
  3. Postal 2
  4. Team Fortress 2
  5. Payday (1, 2)


  1. Scientist Slaughterhouse (+WTF Edition)
  2. Lambda Wars
  3. Sven Co-Op
  4. Crack-Life
  5. Half-Life 2: Update

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Latest 25 Comments
24 Mar 2017 Combine Stream Too many enemies, no health, lots of lag no thanks
24 Mar 2017 Urban Combat In this post-modernistic masterpiece, we follow the turbulent inner struggle of Gordon Freeman as...
22 Mar 2017 BL Onirico It was DARK. There was almost no lighting at all. You shouldn't have to bring up the game's brigh...
22 Mar 2017 Trouble Dutch It's good for a first map, but don't expect anything special
05 Aug 2016 Allout Source Meh, get's boring after a few minutes.
05 Aug 2016 Train Station It's just combat and corridors, really. The best part was G-Man hanging around at the beginning a...
05 Aug 2016 I Hate Headcrabs A simple map, about killing headcrabs. Kind of takes away the challenge when most of the headcrab...
05 Aug 2016 Assassinate Dr. Kleiner Not much to it, and why Dr. Kleiner?
05 Aug 2016 Prison Break Simple prison escape map, ends unexpectedly.
05 Aug 2016 Quick Escape it's a simple map where you kill a few zombies and soldiers, nothing more.
05 Aug 2016 The Duct Map It's a simple map. Nothing much to it besides just killing a few enemies.
11 Apr 2015 Orange Zombie I have no words except for "why". It's just rooms full of zombies, there isn't even enough ammo t...
10 Apr 2015 School Shooting Escape Well aside from the whole "school shooting" aspect... the whole mission to escape is ridiculously...
10 Apr 2015 Zombie Sewer not much in this map to be honest. if you want an infinite zombies survival in a small room with ...
10 Apr 2015 Save the Colonel It was... interesting, the ending was very anti-climatic, once you reach the truck the map just e...
10 Apr 2015 Combine Escape Pretty neat little map, was a bit confusing at times, there were a few "what did this button just...
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