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Uros Brankovic

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17 December 2017




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I'm just a 17 year old guy from Serbia that's interested in creating stuff. I haven't done much modding for Source games, but I'm willing to as I have already created some projects for it. When I search for mods, I'm very picky about them. I don't want mods that are "you're Gordon Freeman, here's some guns, shoot the bad guys". I want mods with unique and good stories, good gameplay, good voice acting, detailed maps, are long (at least last 30 minutes) and to play as a character who isn't related to Freeman anyhow. Generally, I want mods that tell stories from a different point of view. I love mods that put you in the shoes of a Combine unit - whether it's a Combine Soldier, CP unit, or whatever else is there. I'm always eager to see some HL2 beta content, and I'm always on the lookout for new mods that aim to recreate the early HL2 storyline. Infact, I've been on the lookout for years.
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Depending on the ammo, health and suit armor placement, I change between my playstyles. If there's very little resources on the map, I'll be cautious about my supplies and shoot guns which are full on ammo.

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  1. The Ultimate Doom
  2. Quake (1, 2 and 3)
  3. Team Fortress 2
  4. Portal 2
  5. Counter-Strike: Source


  1. Entropy: Zero
  2. Human Error
  3. Underhell
  4. Residual Life
  5. Point of View

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I don't have a lot to share about my Source modding apart from that I've recreated Doom's E1M1 in TF2 style ( ), I've recreated my home in Source in order to get into a map development team for a HL2 roleplaying server and I also created an apartment block building for the said HL2 roleplaying server. I'm working on a Co-Op TF2 map, also. The most interesting part about my modding backstory is that I'm working on a Portal Multiplayer project. Basically, it's Portal - except, you know, with guns to shoot people with. I have made a map for it, trying to recreate the DM1 map from Quake and adjust it to PMP gameplay, and have also ported Marc Laidlaw's cloister map to Source, and adjusted it to PMP gameplay. I do have a lot experience in Doom modding though. I know how to map for Doom (it's very different from mapping for an actual 3D game, such as Quake, Half-Life, you name it), create sprites for it and code for it (I know plenty of ACS and ZDoom language coding). Not much of my Doom projects have been really finished, they're kind of stuck in development, something like Half-Life 3 is except that one day I'm genuinely going to release my mods.

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