Wish List 2009

31st December 2008

Here we are on the cusp of another year, another year of both great and terrible mods. It’s also that time of year when my mind wanders onto the future.

I can’t help but wonder what the year will bring and I am sure you are the same.

I normally write a sorta Wish List for 200X around this time of year but this year has been different from others. Due to the ever worsening economic crisis in Europe I haven’t bought any games (Well, besides a few cheap ones HL, BS and OP for 98 cents and Portal for 3.74, all for other accounts).

I used to buy lots of games but things changed. I’ll try a demo if a developer releases a demo then I’ll play it but I am too short of cash to buy to try! OF course I could have downloaded them but I don’t want to. Developers need our support, at least the good ones do!

Now, this has meant that my attention on other retail games hasn’t been as focused as other years. So what else could I talk about? Well, why not talk about Episode Three?

There are plenty of threads on lots of websites that have the same content so why not here?

Here’s how it will work. I’ll tell you want I want from EP3 adn then you can do the same, is that ok?

Once I’ve finsihed with Ep3 I’ll probably wander onto PP, VC and other stuff, so bear with me.

Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Let start by saying I don’t want to know everything. That’s for sure.

In general I’s like Valve to do a few things. Firstly, I’d liek every character in the game to have lines that are generic enough to be sued in mods. But I’d also like soemthing more. Lines that can be used in mods that were not used in the game. Not outtakes, although that would be cool, but extras they didn’t use. Not only would it be cool but also useful for modders and players who appreciate story.

I want parts of the game where people go missing for set times. For example, Gordon jumps into a portal and arrives 6 hours later than expected. This would offer modders a chance to create some side stories without breaking canon. It doesn’t have to always be Gordon, it could be other characters.

Let’s follow that through a little bit. One thing that Valve could do is , not exactly introduce new characters but make it easier for modders to use other playing characters. By this I mean, why couldn’t I play as scientist? If Valve make the model hand available I could do that (I have to admit that I don’t really know what’s involved tecnically here). All I am trying to suggest is that it’s easy for modders to use a different playing character than GF.

Onto the Combine.
I’d like to know where the Combine came from (Yes, they probably noticed the portals via Xen) but I want to know for sure. I’d also like to know what exactly they want with all the water on Earth.

I defintely want to fight an Advisor with a new weapon.

A few more details about the Gman will be cool too. I don’t want too much about him though. Perhaps a little background would be enough. Maybe some flashback movies would be cool.

Next, I don’t want Alyx and Gordon to hook up. This is a computer game not a Mills and Boon novel. I don’t really like it when she’s around, gameplay wise, but that’s not personal, I just don’t like squad-type situations.

Up next are weapons, vehicles and enemies.
I would like to see an Icecrab. I’m not exactly sure what an Icecrab is but it’s gonna be cool (Pun intended!). Maybe this one can crawl on the walls and ceiling and attack from there, instead of just the floor.

I also want some kind of IceSkiJetHovercraft thingy. Something to skide around the ice on while being chased by Elite Guards on Skis.

How about some kind of plasma weapon that’s main function is to melt the ice and snow? A sort of indirect weapon.

Ok, that’s enough Ep3, for now onto PlanetPhillip.

PlanetPhillip and ValveCommunity

First I’d like a new theme. Something very simple, very blog-like, almost like the previous grey theme. Content on the left with a right sidebar. I would also like to write more indepth articles and perhaps some more interviews.

I think the site is going in the right direction and doesn’t need any drastic changes or additions. Unless you have any ideas?

ValveCommunity.net just needs lots of websites and maybe the shared favourites feature and then millions of comments and ratings!

Gaming In General

Now, onto general gaming. I think I’ll listen to all the people who are telling me to play other games (Yes, you know who you are). Of course that means less time playing mods, so less updates for PP! GAmesd I should play include Bioshock, Fallout 3, Timeshift and maybe Gears of War. I want to play NecroVision but that may have been released, I have no idea. It might not even be for PC. Any other games on the horizon I should know about?

I might spend more time playing some driving games. I love trackmania. Which reminds me, I still need to try that Pure demo I downlaod last week!


Lastly, personal Wish list. Better time management. Less time but more results. I should audit my myself with six Sigma!

I need to walk the mountain trails around my town more often, that’s for sure. And last but not least I MUST LEARN TO MAP IN 2009!

So, your turn, what is your wish list and resolutions for 2009?


  1. Can HL Fan

    I wish that some of the mods in development are finished in 2009 so I can play them. In particular, I really want to play Neil Manke’s new mod when it is done.

  2. I wish that Black Mesa would come out sometime next year (preferably in January-February) so that we can all play that. I also wish that I could learn to map+mod for Half Life 1 (don’t like source engine). I always try, but I get discouraged by something..

  3. tattie

    Whoa, yes Black Mesa would be good, (and did Strider Mountain ever get released)?
    A bit more individual A.I. for the rebels would be good, (the brave, the cowards), instead of just blindly following.
    A level with the Portal gun would be fun.
    But whatever comes our way I hope it is good.
    Happy new year to all of you.

  4. cubedude89

    I wish to help teach Phillip to map!

    I wish to release Strider Mountain very soon!

    I wish people will like Strider Mountain!

    Happy new year!

  5. Discrate

    hey phillip

    Who makes your themes for all of your websites? they are pretty nice,

    1. Luke (Link at the bottom) designed this theme from another design and I bought the one I use for ValveCoummunity.Net

  6. Count_de_Monet

    For 2009:

    The continuation of this great site.
    A mod with Robspace1 idea.
    First contact with Aliens.
    Screeen deads to be the only ones in this forsaken world.

    A vacuum cleaner full of drugs.

  7. Naked-Headcrab

    Happy New Year everyone!!

    For 2009:

    Black Mesa: Source
    Strider Mountain
    They Hunger: Lost Souls (This is supposed to be a retail game AFAIK)
    Dead Epidemic (not for HL2)
    A map made by Phillip 😉
    …And more cool mods for both HL1 and HL2 😀

  8. Forgot to mention Episode 3!

  9. Zaphod

    Wish List 2009

    Half-Life 2: Episode 3:
    A satisfying ending.
    Full dynamic shadows cast from all light sources and other cool additions to the source engine.
    Massive, big scale use of cinematic physics.
    More hunters, just can’t get enought of those.

    General source mods:
    Black Mesa
    City17 Episode 1
    Combine Destiny 2
    Strider Mountain.
    Eye of the Storm
    Some signs that the developement of the next part of Minerva continues.

    General gaming:
    That people stop pirating games, that the game developers once again focus more on PC.
    That Funcom confirm they have started the developement of the sequel to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.
    Empire: Total War

    A girlfriend?…meh, they are overrated 😀

  10. AI

    Hmmm, could be a long list, but it wont be! Hope that HL2 E3 gets done before I get any older, and my artherites gets any worse! Hope I can afford the AMD 64 x2 6000+ DC Cpu for my rig! Last but not least, that all the great looking mods don’t roll over and die, like so many have!! Almost forgot. I wish that the new Duke Nukem would someday ever get finished, maby that is too much to ask!!! 🙂

  11. Zeeek

    Strider Mountain Strider Mountain Strider Mountain
    Over The holidays I’ve been given or bought CODWAW, L4DEAD & Fallout 3, CODWAW was dissappointing, didid’t enjoy L4Dead, Fallout 3 was good but predictable, am now bored and really looking forward to Strider Mountain. My wife bought me quad core for my birthday/xmas but none of the above have even taxed it, I’ve had enough of c|rysis mods, there are some very good ones but most are again predictable. It makes me realise again for the umpteenth time there is nothing out there as good as HL2 as well as some of the very excellent mods that people give of their own time to produce, so my wish list for 2009 is 1) Strider Mountain and 2) That the people who give their time freely to the community are rewarded in some way.
    How a bout a Hall of fame Phillip ?

  12. cubedude89

    I wish you enjoy it as much as you are looking forward to it Zeeek 🙂

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