What The Headcrab: Introduction

4th October 2015

Today sees the announcement of a new podcast. I have been trying to create a new podcast for a while and have tried a few things.

Ideally, I would like to create the show with one other person, but it just seems impossible to find somebody available when I am and also who has the same “interests” as I do.

Therefore I have decided to try and simply create the podcast alone.

Unlike other podcasts which run to over an hour, this one will be around 20 minutes.

It will cover news, updates and general Half-Life stuff over the previous two weeks or so.

I won’t be going into depth about any particular item, just giving you an overview and hopfully drawing your attention to things you might have otherwise missed.

There is no set recording schedule, but I am aiming for every two weeks.

The show will be split into 5 sections: ModDB, GameBanana, Reddit, YouTube and Misc.

In future, I may add DeviantArt and or any other site that has HL content.

In each section, I’ll talk briefly about what has been updated or announced.

I will NOT be talking about anything I have published on RTSL.

I will be linking to each item in the podcast’s post.

The first show could be this afternoon or maybe next weekend.

I’ll be happy to cover any HL news items you have heard about, so please send me an email.

As always, thoughts, comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome.


  1. aaron

    love it

    missing doing stuff like this

  2. Jack

    Rest In Peace 🙁


      This weekend was ChasmVille and Streaming. I promise next weekend a new episode.

      1. Jack

        That’s great to hear, I’ve really missed it!

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