Valve Just Keep Doing It!

21st August 2006


I’m not the first to discuss this, nor the last, but whilst there are many aspects about Valve that really annoy me, I can’t help but congratulate them on their creativity. The image above (Sorry it’s not very clear!) is taken from the video below of a newly discovered weapon, from HL2 Ep1, which seems to be called the Vortex Hopwire. It creates a black hole that enemies are drawn into.

I found it via, who originally found it on

The guys and gals over at Valve are doing a fantastic job of introducing new and exciting things to FPS gaming and I applaud them.


  1. Unq

    Cool, haven’t seen this before. It’s like a rather forceful version of the World’s Most Interesting Bomb.

  2. Ezequielhl

    Damn! It’s like that blast with missile of the Dark Beam (Metroid 2 Echoes).

    Obvioulsy this works better. The other just “seems wonderful”.

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