Upcoming text Interview with Shokunin, the creator of Transmissions: Element 120.

17th April 2015

Shokunin and I were planning on having an audio interview but for various reasons that’s no longer possible.

We have however agreed to do a text interview and although I have plenty of questions I want to ask, I thought RTSL readers might also like to suggest some questions.

Please post your questions as comments below.

I make no guarantee that I will include though.

I will be sending the list of questions on Monday, so you don’t have long to post them.

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  1. bobdog

    I’m sure he had to do a ton of coding to change the gravity gun’s core function, but I would be curious as to how he came up with the concept of the new feature — was it a light bulb moment out of the blue, or had be been thinking of it for a while? It’s really inspired and I’d love to see many more maps (another Ville contest maybe) that take advantage of the feature, because it could truly breathe new life into the game.

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