Two New Input Devices

2nd March 2013

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Recently, I came across a couple of new input devices and they showed people playing games.

I’m pretty happy with the mouse and keyboard and besides my occasional dreams, sticking with both is fine for me.

That said, I would be averse to testing and review these two products.

Leap Motion

The first one is called Leap Motion and is similar to a lot of devices used on console. It sits under your screen and senses your movements.
See it in action:

MYO – Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs

The second one is called MYO – Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs and uses an armband to sense your movements.

Again, see it in action:

I’d love to try both but from watching the videos and knowing my set up, MYO seems more suitable for me.

Do you know of any other systems that can be used for gaming?


  1. Ade

    kinect rox at 46 seconds:

    1. Kinect+Alcohol=Awesome! Alyx will never be able to look Barney in the eye again..

  2. The first one seemed OK but I wasn’t convinced that the MYO would work as shown. For example when the person was chopping food whilst using it, how does it know what is a gesture and what isn’t? Still the footage from Lost Coast was pretty nice.

  3. They both look interesting, but my N52te SpeedPad is good enough for me

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