The Challenge

12th February 2006


I spend a lot of time looking for SP mods and maps for the games I’m interested in. However I’m not perfect and I’m sure that my database is missing lots of files.

I do feel that the database is the best resource of Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods available on the Internet. (I do accept that has a better selection of mods than I do but definitely not maps. Also moddb relies on the developers to add their mods whereas I alone do everything on PlanetPhillip.

The Challenge

I challenge you to find any mods or maps for Single Player Sci- Fi First Person Shooters that are not in my database. If you can, simply make a comment on this post and I will add the maps or mod. Remember they have to be Sci- Fi. I get a lot of emails about mods like Wanted for Half-Life (A Western mod), which of course is not Sci- Fi!

Please Search First!

Don’t forget to search before you make a suggestion. With so many maps and mods and so many categories it is possible that the map or mod you are about to suggest has been put in the wrong category. That’s why a search first can often find the map or mod you are looking for. If you do think it’s in the wrong category just comment on the post itself (NOT ON THIS POST) and I will move it as soon as possible.


  1. Halfnote

    I have or know of several very good HL Mods that I couldn’t find on your list.

    Force of Evil(either CZech or Russian, not sure which)
    The Gate
    Krypton(One of the best I have played to date)(English titles avialable for this one, it’s a German mod I believe)
    Borked Hazard
    Afraid of Monsters
    Ground Zero 1 and 2(2 was done in both normal Hl and Op4)
    Wanted(Western HL MOD)
    Solo Operations
    HL:Survivor(I have been looking for the SP version of this one for a long time. Portions of of it are avialable for Sven Coop.)
    I currently have all but the HL:Survivor mod and the Afraid of Monsters mod if you need them.

  2. Thanks Halfnote, I’ll go through the list later this week. Thanks again!

  3. Anonymous

    Project: Quantum Leap is also not on your list.

  4. True, I can’t believe I missed that one. I will add it later today.

  5. Anonymous

    Here’s one I found.
    Half-life Route City

  6. Gordon Freeman

    Hi, Phillip!

    I’ve found some Half-Life mods that are not listed in your archives.

    Here they are:
    Brave Brain –
    Breakdown 2: Afterwards –
    (You’ve listed only the first part!)
    Vlokam 1 & 2 –

  7. Passerbywhoplayshalflife

    Hi Philip – off topic – for as far as I’m concerned if it ain’t listed here it ain’t out there. You are well underway towards your galactic ambitions… However, for drawing in the crowds, perhaps a clear “headlines” section at the top of the front page might help, rather than the rather obscure “recent posts” link. The “where are all the posts” entry is off screen (need to scroll) – so you don’t give enough exposure to the fact that this site updates frequently, fastly and furiously. My $0.02 in any case. Kudos on yr work as always.

  8. Unknown

    Hey I just found a new one
    For Half-Life 2
    “A dog was hit with in the head with an axe”

  9. Thanks, I’ve added it. For future reference, you (Unknown) just need to give me a day or so to download it, then uploaded it to my server. Posting twice and submitting it, won’t speed things up. I appreciate you telling me about it.

  10. Just to let everyone know I have now added all the maps and mods listed. 🙂

    SOme still need some more details but at least they are part of the database. My next big project will be to cross-reference all the lists and websites I have or know about to see if I am missing any.

    The only ones I might not add are the cancelled mods. The list a moddb is quite extensive and it seems that people started adding titles when they only had half a map completed and that’s not really what I’m interested in.

  11. M0rt@nius

    Don’t be so sure you have all of them here… In fact I’ll try to find some that is not listed here now…

  12. What I meant was that all the maps and mods that people have listed in this post have been added.

    I’m sure I have many missing from PP. In fact I have a pile of post-it notes with maps still to add!

    These include:
    Falling Water
    Graf War
    plus many more

    I’m glad you are searching for new ones because everyone will benefit. Good Luck!

  13. M0rt@nius

    Uhhh here are some things that you don’t have:
    (They’re all for Hl1)

    War Crimes


    Unknown Faction Faction-v2

    Episode Power Plant and China

    X-treme Violence

    (They’re all found on

  14. Good finds. I thought Minimicus and Episode Power Plant and China were already lsited!

    I’ll add them tomorrow.

  15. andyb

    operations 1942

    only the third download server still has it but in the last ten minutes i’ve played it,it seems very hard yet good at the same time.its a very stealth game so far.

  16. OK, I’m downloading it now. I’m not sure it fits the PP ethos of Sci- Fi but I’ll have a look at it. Thanks

  17. I’ve downloaded and installed the Operations 1942 but I can’t seem to get it to work with Steam. I no longer have a non-Steam installation so I can’t try it. CAn somebody lese try it and tell me something about it?

    I’ll try and copy the maps over but I’m sure it needs other files.

  18. not much info on version2.0 but should be similar

    from about version 1.1

    This single-player mod for Half-Life makes gameplay more realistic. All the missions are based on historical events in and around 1942. The maps are set in North Africa, Germany and France during World War II. This mod includes all new music, a revised damage system, story sequences and more.


    With Operations 1942, we develop a Half-Life Singleplayer mod which is the first to have a high standard of realism and quality. All missions, the player will have to face while playing the game, will be based on historical events which will give the game additional atmosphere. The realistic damage system and the film-quality background music will add to the special Feeling of Operations 1942.


    The year is 1942. The war, only present in Europe and North-Africa becomes a world war as Japan joins. The American forces decide to intervene in the European war, which will become bigger than ever in 1944 with the invasion of France. You are part of a secret commando unit, which was trained for seeking and spying behind enemy lines. In your missions in North Africa, France and Germany you will be on your own and have to act alike. Your mission is, to fulfil your objectives without being detected, which is for your own safety. Many situations can be solved better by cheating, sneaking and sometimes with a well aimed shot as opposed to an offensive assault.

    Features of version 1.0

    – External mission system
    External mappers have the possibility to create their own small missions and add them into the game just by copy and paste.

    – Background music that suits the levels

    – Many in-game sequences

    – Realistic damage system

    – “Spirit of Half-Life” support

    – Completely new 2d graphics

    some screenshots at

  19. Thanks for the info. It looks relly interesting. However, I’m undecided whether to add it to the site. You see there’s no sci-fi element. And if I satrt adding all maps then the list just gets huge (As if it’s not already).

    If there was a headcrab or Votigaunt somewhere then it would be listed ASAP! Anybody have any thoughts?

  20. well i’ll be playing it as soon as I finish timeline 2,probably tonight and i’ll let ya know if there is any creatures around lol.

  21. andyb

    ok it seems along the lines of day of defeat and has no creatures :(.just its a single player mod.
    on a side note I got it working in steam.originally I had just copied over my folder from the sierra\halflife folder and it didnt work so I deleted it.then I ran the installer again and pointed it to C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\half-life
    and it works now just running it from the icon in steam.the difference in the install is it doesn’t use loader exe for steam.its not even there now.i’m not sure how yours was installed.

    on a side note I found thier homepage

  22. I opened Steam today and there is was. ALmost gloating at me. “I’ve been here waiting for you!”

    ANyway, I might give it a go, just to see the new features.

  23. i know you have smod listed here but I found a mod of it called smod:tactical

    a review from primotech

    i have played it and I like it much better than smod.the only problem I had was that it comes in a folder called smod so I renamed it to tactical since I allready had a folder called smod.the other problem was it listed itself in steam as smod so I edited the gameinfo.cfg to read smod:tactical.easy fixes really so I dont know why he didnt do that before packaging it up.

  24. another I didn’t see is moonwalker.available here.

    I really enjoyed this one and it took a while to finish.I like long playing mods.This one does have critters for ya Phillip 🙂

  25. never mind I found it in your unsorted but there is no page for it here? it didnt show on a search

  26. Thanks for the SMod Tactical link and the Moonwalker notice. I’ll add them both as soon as possible.

  27. just played Mr. Deathwish. cant wait for part2 since it was short but it has potential.

    link to the homesite

  28. I’ll add Mr. Deathwish tomorrow, after the Timeline 3 walkthrough.

    /EDIT/ I’m adding it now because I want to play it after dinner and then comment on it.

  29. Gilfrarry

    Mr. Deathwish part 2 is out.

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