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15th March 2009

I recently found a Source Utility called Source Sauce and wanted to share it with you. Here is the run down:

Source Sauce is a replacement out-of-game utility for the in-game options menu of Source Games.

Source Sauce works exactly the same as the in-game options menu of Source Games but features extra options not found in the in-game options menu. It also allows you to save the configuration and lets you set the options for Source games that you are downloading.

But the biggest feature of Source Sauce is that it allows you to set the same options for all Source games with one press on the button! There is no more need to change the video options game by game when you get a new graphics card or want to set a new sensitivity for your new mouse.

Source Sauce : You don’t know you need it until you tried it.

It’s a great little application and I would love if PP readers download and use it. Then send feedback to the author to improve it.

I would like the option of setting the keybinds via the application as well as doing my laundry and ironing my shirts. Apparently the last two are impossible, which sucks, but there you go!

So, please visit the homepage and get downloading and testing.

Source Sauce Homepage


  1. AlexCrafter

    That’s great! I hate having to restart a game to change settings-

  2. Nifty little program and very easy to use, although I might say it’s a bit useless for me as I’ve already changed all the settings manually. Still, worth having for future releases.

  3. Will any of the extra options make the game any prettier?

  4. I don’t think it will make games any prettier but it should come in handy. Thanks.

  5. One other question. I am on a machine where I cannot download it, so I am curious if the options it presents would allow the user to run alll source based games in Direct X 8.1 mode, forgoing better shaders and shadows for a better frame rate?

  6. @oopla

    yes you can choose any directx version you want. from 5 to 9. (does hl2 even support dx5 ?)

  7. No, I think that option is for Goldsrc games. I seem to remember HL2 being capable of DX7-9.

    On my old computer I used to run it in 8.1 for a better frame rate. Now that I have a better system I don’t bother.

  8. MattyDienhoff

    What a great idea! I hate having to change all the settings from the defaults whenever I play a new mod. Besides the inconvenience of it, I also get a weird issue with HUD elements appearing on the wrong part of the display after I change the display resolution, which can be fixed by changing the resolution, then changing it back again, if that makes any sense. Anyway, it’s a small inconvenience but it adds up when you have to do it for every mod you play, especially if you’re going on a mod-playing binge and play several in a short time.

    Thanks for pointing this out, Phillip, it’s helpful. 🙂

  9. Neuromante

    wow, very nice tool! There’s any problem using it with multiplayer games? And any way to export the already-done configuration in the game to the save file?

  10. Downloaded, run, will report…

  11. Okay, ran it, and it works as advertised.

    Only quibble: it needs a way to transfer keyboard settings to all games.

    Other than that, good bit of kit.

  12. The 3 biggest problems I have with this program are:

    1) It didn’t have the option to select and deselect mods as their respective groups, nor did it save which mods were selected and deselected when you exit and reopen the program.

    2) While there is the option to save your configurations to profiles, these profiles are based on the idea that they are per person, rather than per game type. As a result if you have different settings that you use for Episode 2 when compared to the original HL2, and you want to make these settings for multiple mods at once, you have to deselect each of the mods you don’t want, and select each mod of the gametype that you do want those settings to apply to, manually.

    3) There is an option to have the program automatically include a custom cfg file that you select, however instead of just copying and pasting the file directly, it creates a new file and copies and pastes the information from the file you select into the new one. This means that it wont work for adding in the “joystick.cfg” that is needed for Source games to recognize analog movement from a gamepad.

    Despite these issues, Source Sauce turned what used to be a solid 1 – 3 minutes of constant clicking and adjusting options for each and every mod I played, into a mere 10 seconds to configure everything for me with less than half a dozen clicks. This program definitely has my approval, but I hope that these issues I mentioned are addressed soon.

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