Poll Question 171 – How much would Freeman give to charity?

7th May 2010

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As with all my “What would Freeman…”, the question relates to BEFORE the Black Mesa incident.

Let’s see if we can get a sort of consensus of his character.

This question relates to what would happen if Freeman had won the lottery. And when I say “won” I mean a BIG win, at least 20 million Dollars.

Who really knows how they would behave if they won a lot of money in a lottery until it actually happens, let alone trying to guess how somebody else would behave. I would like to think that he would give some to charity but maybe he was late for work on that fateful day because he got stuck in Vegas after blowing his monthly paycheck on the tables. If that were the case then I doubt he would give any to charity.

Or he could have been late because his flight was delayed after visiting orphans in another city. In fact, I think that might make a funny poll.

The Poll


  1. He’s a scientist and would invest it in research for the betterment of humankind.

  2. I think none. He is intelligent so he can use it himself to help people. That’s the way of a scientist I think.

  3. Grey Acumen

    Just because Freeman is a scientist doesn’t mean he thinks science is the only way to help people. He obviously isn’t afraid to take an active and direct hand in influencing the world for the better.
    Whatever the actual amount, which could range anywhere from 10% – 50%, the place he donates to is most likely going to be someplace he has direct connections with, and with the intent of achieving a specific purpose. So if he came from an orphanage or goes to church (you can be a scientist AND believe in god) then he would likely donate money for educating the children or making repairs to the church. If there was an arcade he hung out at as a kid he might buy the place to keep it open and bring fresh games in.

    1. Nope, any intelligent scientist knows to trust nobody but himself.

      1. Grey Acumen

        Any intelligent person knows that if the only person you trust is yourself then you’re drastically outnumbered and statistically doomed.

  4. Zekiran

    I’m sure that while he would use the bulk of it to start his own foundation for sciences, he’d find places which already have existing structure to donate to. I’d guess though that he’d concentrate on education, sciences and specific research, rather than more broad “charity” organizations.

  5. Nrmartins

    I think he would give all the money he can donate, for being a hero in the video games, he could do the same in real-life.

  6. Da Fat Cat

    Why do you keep having questions about Gordon Freeman’s character? He isn’t even a character! He’s nothing more than a name and a suit

  7. Rikersbeard

    Scientists spend much of their time trying to get anyone to fund their personal research. Their goal in life is the proof that their theory is the only correct one and they will spend every penny they can doing this. And they do not seem to mind where this money comes from or whom they work for.
    Remember that German scientist, the infamous ” V2″ designer, who got the Americans to the moon. We know whom he worked for first!

    I do not think our Gordo is like that. I think he cares and would certainly be hip to helping out his fellow man if he had the money to spare.

    Aside from that:
    Do we know Gordon Freeman’s credentials? I mean, does he have a doctorate in the sciences? Is he just a lab tech at Black Mesa? Why is he so good with weapons, did he have military training?
    Who exactly is this Gordon Freeman?

  8. Liamh101

    None because Freeman is a bad ass and bad ass’s never give to charity 😉

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