Poll Question 146 – How many people do you introduce to Half-Life in a year?

9th November 2009

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I believe that we have a duty to share something we love if we feel it is beneficial to others. Playing Half-Life games falls into this category for me.

I am probably older than you, sure I’m not the oldest visitor to this site (He is around 80 years old I think) but older than most. Most of my friends have children and don’t really play PC games, well maybe the occasional game on the Wii, but that’s it.

There are a lot of older people who would benefit from playing Half-Life and I feel there’s a lot more we could do to encourage older players.

That said, there are probably a lot of younger gamers who don’t really play HL because it’s not new enough, and they might only play console games.

So, I say we should do our best to introduce our friends to the pleasures of Half-Life. I just wish I had time to work on my Introduce a buddy project.

On the same subject, how many people have you introduced to gaming?

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  1. Ade

    🙂 Back when I still used to play HL1 I defended it a lot! I have several people (of my own age and more, actually my boss plays more hours a week than I do :|) with which I share gaming experience, so of course I introduce them to the hl universe. Or with any group in any discussion that leads to the question: what games do u play?.. And some people try it or have already played it. But most people that don’t play/like FPS are more likely not to try it. So in this case we do something like: u play mine, I play yours.

  2. WizardExt

    I was still in school when Half-Life came out. Introducing and advising people to play Half-Life was an everyday thing back then.

    As I got out of school and had different jobs, it was the complete opposite.

    Depending on my surrounding I will introduce people or not. Some people just don’t want to talk or play games. But with people that have interest in computers and games I will always advice to try the Half-Life games. They are amazing and I feel very confident saying that.

  3. Well, I introduce a lot only a very few take it up.

    Most seem interested in 2D arcade style games, 3rd person games and driving games. The younger ones like the whirling ninjas, jumping jehosaphat arenas – cannot abide them myself.
    SP FPS is too frightening for a lot of people – I kid you not; too close to the action maybe? Also they do not want to think, just play.

  4. clunkfish

    I answered “none”. I guess I qualify as a grey gamer but none of my friends are remotely interested in gaming. Many are interested in cinema and I suggest to them that gaming is a logical adjunct to, or even extension of, film, but so far my conversion rate is precisely zip and I have pretty much given up trying. They think I’m a bit of a weirdo for enjoying something which is otherwise confined to the under-20s – they don’t realise just how wide the demographic of gamers is!

  5. Hoyy

    Cool ideas, just don’t get much of that “play mine I play yours game” thing. unless it is something like an mmorpg were people could act independently of eachother to save some times were its just necessary to do so. As for how much people I introduce to half life a year, unfortunately its none, since I play most Multiplayes games in servers with people I dont know, but I get befriended with them.

    1. Ade

      They try hl, in exchange for me trying their daily game (no matter the genre), it’s simple 😛

  6. Grey Acumen

    In real life, I’ve introduced a few people to half life, but so far nobody seems to have really jumped into it. Partly because of lack of time or not having a computer that’s really set up for gaming.
    Online I think I’ve gotten a few people interested in the Half Life series, but I’m not sure how many have actually taken the step of getting the game and following the series at all.
    Half Life seems to be one of those things that if you’re interested in, you’ll eventually find your way to it on your own. It helps that it’s one of the best games ever and that Valve has specifically worked so hard to make the game accessible to all types of gamers, both in terms of gameplay and price.

  7. paddyL

    Not a lot, though I often wish someone closer to home was into it.
    I have a 28yr old son whose first computer was a Sinclair – anyone remember them? He used to stay up half the night on it. Anyway he only likes surfing ,mountain biking and travel these days. A 26yr old who doesn’t like computer games at all – generation gap?
    A fifteen yr old girl who was dismayed when she got a nintendo two years ago but now lives with her laptop and Lara Croft. Some of her friends, boys around her age are very much into HL2 and I’ve told them about PP but I don’t think they ever visit here. As for old friends I’m the only one who got the bug and they laugh at me and say I prefer living in cyberspace. Still there are millions of halflifers somewhere. Maybe HL3 will whip up a bit of a storm – if I don’t have to play it from beyond the grave 🙂

    1. Duke

      Bit like you bud…I’m 56 and been playing HL since it was launched…and I’m still playing everything HL I can get my hands on…none of my friends are gamers though…lol, it’s a solitary existence..

  8. Leck

    i was at school, and if I calculate correctly, I have introduced more than 4 persons ^^

  9. Greenagainn!

    None of my friends or anyone I talked to had even heard of half-life but I badgered them enough to get the orange box and they love it 😛

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  11. Untamed

    I’m usually the one who reintroduces people to half life (Mainly Half Life 1) to play some of the really good mods that have come out for it, recently or otherwise. (Sven Coop, Half quake series and Mike & Pete’s Fun Half Life Sound Pack.. just to name a few)

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