Poll Question 097 – Do you spend more time playing retail games or mods?

31st August 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Besides Half-Life 2 I can’t remember the last retail game I played, let alone finished. I think it was probably the Crysis demo, not sure. Anyway, visitors to PP probably play quite a few mods, so…

Do you spend more time playing retail games or mods?

Only The Big Mods

I’m sure plenty of visitors only download and play the bigger mods listed on the site and still have plenty of time for retail games. It would be interesting to know exactly what the split between the two is. In fact maybe Valve know because Steam knows what game or mod you are playing.

There’s not much to talk about for this poll, so just get voting.

The Poll


  1. Sabre

    Depends. HL series and UT I spend most of my time on mods, almost everything else I’d have to say retail.

  2. Depends. HL series and UT I spend most of my time on mods, almost everything else I’d have to say retail.

    Besides looking at different time periods (one week, one month etc) I don’t think it can depend.

    Look at it this way – Add up all the time you spent playing games in the last week and all the time you spent playing mods (Any game and any mods), now which is the greater/longer?

  3. Sortie

    I mostly play mods. I don’t really have the time for anything else, and retail games require a purchase, something I’m far too lazy to do. Hehe.

  4. fragmaster

    anything worth a download or too take a chance on.
    this week im purchasing Stalker Clear Sky
    The other games im currently playing are Doom3 for all the latest SP Maps & Mods since Gatehouse release.
    Elder Scrolls Oblivion for all its Sp mod based files to better improve the gameplay & brighten up the sites ive seen may times before.
    & Steam HL2 & expansions just downloading all the different sp sourcemods & maps & keeping only the ones worth going back too.
    Im looking forward to a few retail products this year such as Far Cry 2 Crysis Warhead Legendary & Fallout 3.

  5. firba1

    I go through phases. Sometimes it’s all mods, sometimes all retail. Sometimes, I don’t play games at all. But at the moment, it’s retail.

  6. Zockopa

    Yes,phases. Thats true for me also,except a mod is been released I waited for.
    At the moment I play Crysis-Maps and replay old HL1-Mods.

  7. Anonymous

    Can’t really be easily defined that way.
    There are certain games and mods I’m looking forward to, but it mostly depends on when they are brought out. When I feel like it I will play some small singleplayer maps/mods.

    So it depends on what is released at that moment and what I’m looking forward too.

    It’s going to be a great fall, though. Especially in terms of games, but I’m hoping to see some mod releases too.

  8. Hoyy

    I spend my time playing both mods and retail games, equilibratedly. My preference definitely is for mods, because they have the creative context of which is acessible by another man just like me, but which decides that he is going to work his imagination in a mod for everyone. Retail games surely are also good, but if it wasn’t for the multiplayer and the possibility of some of them to allow the creation of mods, they wouldn’t be that famous either.

  9. Count_de_Monet

    I play all the mods I can find for HL2 and DOOM 3, plus sp maps. Been back to Quake 2 a bit lately. I’m not into other games.

  10. Anonymous

    What does testing your own map count as?

    That’s where a majority of my game time goes…

  11. Memobot

    Ii was definitley mods by days (yes days more I played them!), but as the subject image is suggesting, it all changed when TF2 was released. I just love it!

  12. Mods. I’ve played Half Life about 3 times, maybe 4, Opposing force twice and Blue Shift twice.
    I’ve played HL2 about twice, I’ve played HL2:Ep1 about half a dozen times, and HL2:Ep2 about 3 times.

    However the entire rest of the past year has been spent playing mods, probably about 15-30 hours a week on average.

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