Poll Question 094 – Should Valve sub-contract a development studio to make an HL2 offshoot?

11th August 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I presume that most PP readers have played Opposing Force and Blue Shift, both made by Gearbox Software. Well, if you haven’t you should definitely play OP and play BS if you find it cheap and have some spare time.

Anyway, I have been thinking that since HL2 there are plenty of new opportunities for Valve or a sub-contractor to make some interesting stories. So, this week’s (late again!!) question is..

Should Valve sub-contract a development studio to make an HL2 offshoot?

The Poll


  1. Sortie

    I voted no, Half-Life is best of at Valve. While Valve South (Former Turtle Rock Studios) is clearly another subject that’s worth discussing. 😉

  2. Greenhorn

    I’d say yes if Valve were to have the final oversight and control of the project to ensure that it meets up with their standards. It would be awesome if HL2 had an expansion equivalent to what Opposing force was for the original HL.

  3. You got a thing against Blue Shift?I actually liked it.OP4 was good also.If valve wants to sit on its ass making episodes get some else to make the rest of them.

  4. sappy

    Well since turtle rock is more or less IN HOUSE, being Valve South, the answer should be NO, since Valve seem to work pretty well with them. But if there is some other developer they would trust why not? I mean I would trust Valve South, could pull something like that.

  5. Mel

    Not just for the sake of it. If there is a good looking project based on HL2 that valve dont have the time for, then sure why not if it means we get something that would not otherwise have been developed.

  6. CrowbarSka

    I’d love to see more HL2, and I’m sure Valve wouldn’t let it be made poorly but some shoddy 3rd party. I vote yes please, and soon!

  7. Talon

    How about a “Gunman Chronicles 2”?!!!!!

    Just kidding–although it wasn’t as bad of a game that the reviews made it out to be.

  8. darkstranger

    valve should make an HL2 offshoot it would be nice that someone do Gunman Chronicles 2 too

  9. Zockopa

    I 2nd Greenhorn.

  10. Gypsy Jim

    I have no strong feeling on this either way, unless it would speed up the expansion of the HL universe of course….

    On which subject I wish they’d sponsor a project leader for the Black Mesa mod…..Seeing as how HL Source was such an enormous disappointment.

    Subcontracting out to another software outfit, subject to Greenhorn’s specs above, could also mean getting one or two, or more of the absolute best quality modders out there, Leon SPY, Adam Foster etc (I know he’s been enrolled alredy, but you know what I’m saying…) into a professional level team, who, with Valve’s backing, active support and encouragement could be the way forward. I’m sure there are plenty of developed, but unused models & sounds etc in the kitty that they could use….The whole episodes thing is after all taking years…..

    Just a thought….

  11. feckineejit


    I want more of the HL2! If they wrapped up all the professional quality HL2 maps & mods they could make a decent game that I would still purchase WITH MONEY.

    So I voted yes.

  12. I voted no,

    I known they(Valve people) won’t ‘meaningless” contents

  13. Dufake

    Valve lives in valve time.
    Why not more helping hands?

  14. Vehk

    Already happened
    Portal was developed largely by assimilated members of DigiPen Institute of Technology that created Narbacular Drop (Portal’s spiritual precursor). I’m not sure about Portal being offshoot, but it has related storyline while utilizing different aspects of gameplay and design. It also seems to be developing a franchise of its own, partially aimed at expanding the universe of Half-Life..

  15. Hoyy

    I think it would certainly be well received due to the success that the Half-Life franchise already conquered. Since it is a FPS, the games shouldn’t be too divergent from this playing style, and what I think that would certainly be not right is a Half-Life themed game of racing or too indie.

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