Multi-hour Fund Raising Stream This Saturday

17th May 2018

This Saturday, the 19th May, I will be doing a multi-hour livestream to raise money for the 2-018 Prize Fund.

Hunt Down the Freeman will be started and maybe even finished, Mapping will also feature as well as a couple of Half-Life 1 mods.

Start time is 12pm Central European Time and it will be on the RTSL YouTube channel:

I’ll be regularly asking for your hard-earned money, but know that it doesn’t go to me but to the entrants of the mapping challenges.

There will be game giveaways at least every hour, including some HDtF Steam keys.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you there.


  1. Nice to see you streaming again. After recovering a recent bullet wound and lots of other injuries I had from the past couple of weeks when working with S.A.T., I’m put back into service and have to work weekend shifts for 3 weeks, so I’m not sure I can actually catch the stream. I’ll try my best though. Also my bank are kind of jerks at the moment and won’t let me access my account in any way, shape or form so I can’t actually donate anything. I hope you’ll still get a decent amount together!

  2. Hunt Down the Freeman?!?

    Thats dangerous for anyone’s mental health!

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