Flesh and Blood Rain

12th November 2004

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games

I’ve just finished reading Iain M. Banks’ new sci-fi novel and was thinking about his other stories. Most are novels but he released a book of short stories and there is this great little piece about a city on wheels that lays down a road made from the skulls of its dead enemies.

This led me to think about ways victors used there defeated foes. One more probably more common idea is in the Lord of the Rings where they cast the heads of the humans into the city near the end (No, I can’t remember the name!). Anyway, with all this floating around in my head I found this page about Red Rain, (BTW, the layout is terrible and doesn’t represent the quality of the other stories/layout on the site) which led me onto the idea of an army collecting all the dead bodies of their enemies and pulping them and then seeding clouds that would rain flesh and blood on their enemy.

Of course this is a bit sick but in the right game flesh and blood rain may enhance the stroyline or just add something new.

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