Event Reviewers Giveaway

11th March 2015

For each main event run and for each year of the event, if a reviewer reviews or re-reviews all of the mods in that event, they will be entered into a prize draw. The prize will be at least one game with a value of around $35 US Dollars.

So, for example, at the end of this year there will be 11 Classic of the Month mods updated and livestreamed. If you have posted a review or re-review for each of them you will be entered into the draw. If you reviewed the mod BEFORE the start of the event then it WILL NOT count towards your total reviews.

No “sign up” is needed, you just need to stay up to date with each of the events and post the reviews of the mods involved.

For your review to count, it must be posted AFTER the start of the event and AFTER each mod has been Livestreamed.

Each event is considered separate from the other events.

If you have any questions, just ask.

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