Episodes Not Levels

20th March 2004

Two ideas related to this theme:

1. What happens on the TV shows from this era? Well from episode two onwards they always seem to start with a recap of the action from the previous edition. IN LAST WEEKS EPISODE: Flash escaped the clutches of the Emperor’s guards. Only to find his escape blocked by the..?
This could give us a chance to add important information that is too had to make part of the game.

Follow this on and we could do the same at the end of the mod.
“You have defeated the Emperor but will you find a way to reactive the RoboChicks?”

2. The episodes always end at a cliff-hanging point. We are eager to watch the next episode. In games the level finishes when you complete a task or reach a certain point. The action is over. Why don’t we try the TV method? It may not work but it could be really good knowing the next level definitely starts with something interesting. Imagine this: Towards the end of the Episode you have beaten the guards and reach a certain doorway, hoping it will take you to freedom. You open the door, in the distance are robots advancing to you position. The scene suddenly fades. Voice Over. Will Flash find a way to escape? Only you can decide!

Here’s another idea. Is anybody familiar with Red Vs Blue? (www.redvsblue.com).

No, well it’s a machinima series based on Halo. Very Funny. Every two weeks they release a new episode. Why don’t we consider something similar. After the initial months of work and preparation we could release the mod with one episode, then a few weeks later the next one. I think it would be a good idea to have 50% of the episode finished and just waiting to be released. The whole story needs to be completely finished and plan, so we know exactly how many episode it will take.

I think there are a number of levels this could work on.

1. Firstly it may optimise the episode idea. When you finish the level you have to wait until you play the next one. Same as the TV series. This could build brand (mod) loyalty.
2. There could be a lot of PR value in this. Every mod releases a beta then version one etc. This is completely different.
3. Team turn over. I have little doubt that we will gain and lose team members as the mod progresses. This may make life easier.
4. The ability to create a new series. Once the present ideas are used, what’s to stop us starting anew series (With sufficient rest in between)?
5. Other groups may begin to create their own episode, therefore extending the popularity.
6. Players will have to keep visiting the website to get the next episode.

I accept there will be downsides. Some player will hate having to wait etc.

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