Complete half-Life 2 Walkthrough

14th July 2013

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Here is a very comprehensive walkthrough of Half-Life 2, written especially for Planetphillip.Com.

It was made possible by the writing and research of Stanley E. Dunigan and the formatting skills of William Barnard.

Together, we have created a PDF version that can be viewed both online and printed.

The Complete Half-Life 2 Walkthrough PDF [1.23MB]

(A PDF file is a file that can be viewed directly in modern browsers and downloaded to your computer to be opened by a variety of readers. William recommends Sumatra.


Once I started posting the TREE chapters I thought it might be helpful to add a walkthrough for each chapter. I search the Net and found Stanley’s work to be the best. I contacted him and asked permission use his walkthroughs and he kindly agreed.

Since he hadn’t written a walkthrough for Half-Life 2, only special hints, he kindly agreed to write one from scratch. This is that walkthrough.


  1. Alex

    Wow! Great guide, I have the official Prima one, but great to see an updated one from the community.

    I wonder if official guides will start to use the potential that eBooks can have, like the stuff you see on iOS eg. Final Hours of Portal 2. Guides could have interactive videos, images or maps/plans and could hide or reveal certain details depending on how much help you need.

    Got me thinking, we have seen these amazing maps of Black Mesa made online by the community, I wonder if they could be taken to the next level, like with interactivity, via HTML5.

  2. Waleed

    Nice, but how many hours needed to complete HL and HL2?
    I’m planning to start playing the game before “HL3” comes out.

    1. For your answer, have a look at the TREE event. I suggest that Phillip’s times would be fairly typical, and with a completed episode/game history his total times will accurately represent a typical complete play-through.

      “…before “HL3″ comes out…” – I wouldn’t rush, if I were you!

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