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Half-Life Art – October 2017

As readers may know, starting in October 2017 I am really trying to use Twitter to promote the site and its content.

Part of that is a daily series of tweets that inlcude one Half-Life related image.

Searching Twitter is actually pretty hard and not all the tweets appear, so I have decided for the Half-Life Art and maybe a few other tweet series, I will be creating archives on the content/tweets. Here is the first one.

I like the idea of running a monthly poll but I can’t guarantee I will do it each and every month. The poll is at the end of the page.

Please feel free to comment on your favourite piece of art.

Each Image is a link to the relevant page.

1st November 2017 2 Comments

November 2017 – General Chat

Well, the clocks have gone back, the mornings are brighter and the release of Black Mesa is another month closer. YAY!

Got lots of things planned for November but you know what?, I’m not going to tell you because it seems that every time I mention them here, I never do them.

In a couple of weeks there will be the fund raising stream, for the Hammer Cup 2017 prize fund – so I hope you can join me for that.

There’s a few things I have been working on regarding the site but mostly fixing lots of little issues.

I hope to tell you more soon and so other ideas I have.

So, here’s to a fun and hard-working November.

What do you have planned?

1st November 2017 11 Comments