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Heart Of Evil: Napalm Edition

for Half-Life

Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition (HOE NE) is a remake of the original Heart of Evil.

Heart of Evil was an enjoyable Single Player modification that truly gave the player something different – “a Single Player Half-Life mod that accurately and sensitively depicts the American ‘experience’ in Vietnam, right down to the laces on the zombies boots.”

HOE NE will let veterans and newcomers alike relive that experience.

They put a lot of work into the original concept and we want to it endure.

For that reason we updated the mod as best we can. The source code was released publicly February 1, 2007. Shortly after, we started development. By shortly, we mean months.

HOE NE features updated Models, skins and animations; revitalized Maps with new effects, visual improvements and altered gameplay; tweaked NPC and weapon code.

This is a community project. That means it’s not for profit. All work will be properly credited to its respective owners. This is not a Source project/port.


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One level – Played Two Ways.

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
I was shown a poem last week that was designed to be read from front-to-back OR back-to-front. I’m not exactly sure whether sections are read in reverse or even how it works but it certainly got me thinking. Would it be possible to do this for a linear level?

18th June 2009 32 Comments