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Underground by ToTac

for Half-Life

September 2007 Update I have a very big public apology to make: “ToTac kindly created a PlanetPhillip version of this mod, which contains English subtitles and is Steam compatible, and I forgot to upload it and promote it. For this I am truly sorry. I wish I had a good explanation but I don’t.” If… Read More


Total Downloads: 2,74210th September 2007
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Aggregate Pain

for Half-Life

Story Once again you are Gordon Freedman. You just made it out alive as the military was taking over the Black Mesa compound. They are now using the compound to engineer a hideous monster capable of mass destruction. As a member of a new organization, intent on thwarting the military’s evil plans for corruption, you… Read More


Total Downloads: 3,0969th September 2007
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My Ideal Save System

Introduction In this short article I want to discuss my ideal save system. I don’t claim it would be easy to implement, practical or even desired by others, it’s just how I want it. I’ve divided it into sections. Some of the ideas have been included in games before but not all. Read on to… Read More

2nd September 2007 7 Comments