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The Corridor – Mod Story Idea

Story Intro A suited man walks towards the security reception area, pauses at the desk while the guard checks his ID. “Morning Mr Johnson, you’re in early today”. “Yeah, got a lot of database reconfiguration to do”. He continues past the desk and towards a lift. As the doors open a female voice announces:

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Why play as one character when you can play as three?

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

The last three novels I’ve read have had three stories running simultaneously that join towards the end of the book. Each story has a different main character. I think this may be interesting to use in an FPS game. I believe the important point would be to have three different stories that are clearly linked (maybe not at the beginning) not just three different characters/settings. Each story/character should provide some insight or forewarning about the other storylines.

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Intro This idea is focused towards the Half Life universe but with a little adaptation could be used in other settings. Insane? The Prison guards are dragging you down the corridor. You are fighting as if you life depended on it. Suddenly there is a huge expolsion and the wall at the end of the… Read More

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Am I real? – Mod Story Idea

Here’s another mod story idea, this one was first conceived for Half Life, but it could be used for another game with the right theme. As with my other mod story ideas I will start by setting the scene with my crappy 50’s-style writing and then explain the basic story outline after that. The opening… Read More

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Half-Life Emergency Demo

for Half-Life

Basic Details Title: Half-Life Emergency Demo File Name: demo.exe Size : 6.7Mb Author: Megasis Studios Date Released: 01 October 2004 Download: Unknown Reader RecommendationsCurrently there are no recommendations

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