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Repetition – Mod Story Idea

Here is a mod story idea. The characters, setting and details can be changed to anything whilst still leaving the story the same. I’ve started by writing a short story to help set the scene. A man sits at a corner table in a quite bar on the edge of Fortune City. He’s waiting. He’s… Read More

21st September 2004 2 Comments

Understanding the world

I spent yesterday afternoon in the company of 5 babies, all under the age of 13 months. It was very interesting to watch their interaction with one another and the environment. I began to think, “how could we make a game of this?” It would be difficult to put ourselves inside the mind of a… Read More

20th September 2004 No Comments

New Themes for Old Games

I have almost covered this in another post (Remaking Games) but this article is taking a slightly different direction. In the original article I discussed the idea of whether game makers should revisit old game with a fresh perspective. My first thought was to give the basic premise of the game to another studio an… Read More

12th September 2004 No Comments