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Level Design Commentary

Films often have commentary from the director, producer and actors. This commentary can sometimes be both interesting and enlightening. I think it could be very worthwhile if some level designers did the same.

30th April 2004 3 Comments

Enemy Possession

Introduction This idea may be more suited to DM or CTF type gameplay. Basically through some pickup you would be able to control a enemy for a short period of time.

20th April 2004 2 Comments

Flying Fortress

WOW I can imagine having some interesting effects whilst running on the wings to reach a valve or weapon. The wind making walking difficult, only to find you return path block by your enemies. This may be especially good if the level starts with the plane taking off (vibration turning into an earthquake-like feeling, followed… Read More

8th April 2004 1 Comment

A Multi Game League Idea

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Put aside any technical reasons for this not working and suspend your belief. Just imagine this:A multiplayer league where each team is made up of characters and weapons from other FPS games and each team has home and away rounds.For example the starting league could look something like this:

6th April 2004 No Comments

Enemy Interrogation

Introduction I had this idea while playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein. There were certain places that you could listen to two soldiers or officers talking. The information was occasionally useful and I thought that if you could capture and interrogate a soldier he may give you extra information.

3rd April 2004 4 Comments