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Star Wars Missions

for Half-Life

You are Pheonum Rendar, son of Dash; you are a hired mercenary that’s gotten some notable credit over the past few years. You’ve now been hired as a terrorist by the Rebellion to assassinate key Imperial figures, and destroy sites of important imperial importance.

Your first mission is to assassinate General Akardy, the commander of a garrison at Mos Eisly that often hangs out at the ME Cantina. So hop on your land speeder, drive through the city, buy some weapons from the local arms dealer, bomb the Cantina, fight your way through the Gaul Spaceport and steal the General’s shuttle (it actually flies!) and escape the planet.

Your second mission is to destroy the latest batch of tie bombers at an Imperial factory in a canyon on Hoth. Just break in, fight your way to the main level and hit the Process Destruct Button.


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