Game Giveaways

There are plenty of chances to win games from RTSL

Since about 2012 I have been giving games away in lucky draws. From October 2017, I decided to give away more games in various events. The games come from generous RTSL readers or myself. Sometimes you can buy games heavily discounted and I do that and keep the games for giveaways.

The actual games are not the most recent or AAA games but are varied and fun. Winners can keep the games or give them to a friend or family member. 99% of games are for the Steam platform.

If you have any games you would like to donate, please email me: [email protected] and tell me how you would like to be credited.

Below are the details of each event.
25-Reviews Giveaway

The reviews are key to keeping RTSL useful. Yes, having one place to find and download all the SP maps and mods is the main reason some people visit the site but the reviews help users select and avoid releases.

From September 2017, I decided to giveaway one game per month to one luck reviewer. I want to say "thank you" to all the people who take the time and effort to review a release for the benefit of other RTSL users.

I counted all the reviews that used a Recommendation Image (A unqiue system that I feel is better than just stars) in August 2017 and randomly selected a winner and sent them a game.

In October, I counted the reviews from September and the total was over 70 and then decided that I would give one game away for each 25 reviews. So in October I gave three games away.

From the 1st October, I will keep a running total of reviews and every 25 reviews posted I will give away one game, instead of waiting until the end of the month.

One potential issue with the idea is that people will write false reviews just to have a chance to win a game. I therefore reserve the right to introduce rules that will combat that. For example, a winner must have written 10 reviews before they are eligible to win a game.

Special Releases Review Giveaways

Every now and again a really interesting mod is released and I would like to celebrate that by having a special giveaway for just that mod. One month from the date of publication I will randomly select one review and give the reviewer a game.

Reviews written for these mods will NOT be counted towards the regular 25-Reviews Giveway as it doesn't seem fair that a person could win twice for the same review.

Active S.R.R Giveaways are listed in the footer so that users can easily find them.


During each and every livestream (which are all broadcast on the RTSL YouTube Channel I will giveaway one game for every completed 60 minutes. This will be done via the YT chat section. The exact format will be decided during the stream. It may be a question or a luck draw.

Don AKA Unq sometimes gives games away during his Classic of the Month streams, also on the RTSL YouTube Channel but those are currently separate. from the official RTSL Game Giveways.

Other Ways and Events

I may introduce new ways to giveaway games at any time, but they will probably be related to increasing participation on the site or thanking or rewarding the users (you!).

From time to time, I run special events on the site related to updating the content. Examples of this are the 100 Summer Days of Nostalgia and The Replay Experience Experiment (TREE) events. During future events like these (Yes! there will definitely be more) I will giveaway games. How and why is yet to be decided.

Don't Forget!

If you have any games you would like to donate, please email me: [email protected] and tell me how you would like to be credited.

Past Giveaways

(Data only from October 2017)

Date Event Winner's Name Map Reviewed & Link (if applicable) Game Won Donator
Date Event Winner's Name Map Reviewed Game Won Donator
September 2017 25-Reviews Giveaway Sockman From Combines Xotic Jan-Philipp
October 2017 25-Reviews Giveaway HQDefault Epistle3Ville Dead Age Jan-Philipp
October 2017 25-Reviews Giveaway Tachyon Deliverance Agent Awesome RTSL - Phillip
October 2017 25-Reviews Giveaway Rikersbeard Epistle3Ville Ampu-Tea RTSL - Phillip
October 2017 25-Reviews Giveaway Tabajara77 Entropy Zero Battleplan: American Civil War RTSL - Phillip
October 2017 Half-Life CAGED Kosan Half-Life CAGED Wolfenstein: The Old Blood RTSL - Phillip
October 2017 25-Reviews Giveaway MonkeyMo Entropy Zero Blackbay Asylum RTSL - Phillip