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I enjoy the exploration as much or more than the gun and run aspects of FPSs.


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29 Aug 2015 August 2015 General Chat I recall a mod for Unreal that included a long hallway chase sequence on hovercars. You couldn't...
29 Aug 2015 Here is my story about how I got into gaming Programmers today enjoy instant gratification, and a bounty of resources. I did some programming...
29 Aug 2015 Introduce Yourself And I just realized that Marlowe wasn't in Casablanca. Bogie's character in Casablanca was named...
29 Aug 2015 Poll Question 318 - Have You Ever Fired a Real Gun? I'm from the rural midwest, so it's hard not end up with a gun at some point. I was a "weaponize...
29 Aug 2015 Introduce Yourself Ah, Phillip, you punny fellow! And I've not searched the site, but I wonder if your name isn't a...
28 Aug 2015 Here is my story about how I got into gaming It's been fun to read how people far and wide have taken the same gaming journey I did. My $.02 ...
28 Aug 2015 Introduce Yourself Hi, I'm Skeezix and I've been a lurker on RTSL for a long time. I live in the United States in a...
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