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Johnnathan O'Connor

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18 April 2017




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Republic of Ireland

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I am 26 years old and I enjoy half life games and mods. The reason I have signed up for this site is because everything here suits me. Commenting, reviewing, browsing mods e.t.c. is all up to the standard, not to mention that the owner of the site (or so I think he is) reviews each mod to govern them, which is to my liking.
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I am a quick thinker, I quickly react to moving targets and shoot them right in the head (if it has one at least). My style would be a combination of Cautious and Aggressive (Not Balanced)

Playing History

I have been playing Half Life for almost 2 decades, playing it more than once each year (purely because of how interesting the game was and its never-ending fun that it provides.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Prince Of Persia (All of the trilogy)
  2. Counter Strike Course
  3. Doom 3
  4. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  5. Bioshock


  1. E.S.F

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  • Mapping: A lot
  • Modeling: No information
  • Scripting: Little
  • Texturing: Some
  • Voice acting: A lot
  • Writing: A lot
  • Sound: Some
  • Music: Little

Additional information

I don't exactly mod half life series, I am just good at the skills shown above, they are general skills rather than only half life modding skills. I am good at designing, decorating, texturing, voice acting, some music , quite good writing and modeling due to my art skills.

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