LDA: Tutoring Session 004: Functional Architecture

28th July 2016

Here is Don’s and Phillip’s fourth tutoring session.

This Valve Hammer Editor tutoring session covers all the basic details of clip brushes & brush entities with the GoldSource Engine.
Please feel free to ask questions related to the topics discussed.

Please visit its homepage for full details of the Level Design Academy project.

Tutoring Session 004 Details

To teach the viewer to understand and use clip brushes and brush entities.
This video contains explanations of the concepts and exercises for the viewer.

Livestream: 10th July 2016
Released: 28th July 2016
Length: 1h 34m

  1. What are clip brushes?
  2. Clip brushes uses and usage
  3. Brush entities: Movable
  4. Brush entities: Usable
  5. Brush entities: Special visual property
  6. Brush entities: Invisible triggers
  7. Brush entities: ONLY ONE FUNCTION
  8. Func_wall and Func_illusionary

This session was cut short and the final part of the session will be concluded in another sessions/video.

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Don and Phillip really hope that the Level Design Academy will encourage people to learn along with Phillip.

These posts can be used to ask questions related to the topics covered. Both Phillip or Don will do their best to help.

Files for the Level Design Academy, including the applications used ca be found here: http://www.bit.ly/LDA-Files.

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